Dave Pelcher’s Great Projects

I recently talked with Dave about spraying finishes which snowballed into some great projects. I wanted to share them with all of you. Maybe you can find some ideas or inspiration. Below are a few of Dave’s projects from various sources. Dave writes:

This is one of your projects.  This was one of my 1st videos of yours I watched.2x4 chair

Another of your works.  I didn’t use the chamfered edge though.  However I did find the would on the side of the road.  First thing I though of was your Trash to Treasure…Reclaimed Cutting Board Reclaimed Cutting Board Reclaimed Cutting Board Reclaimed Cutting BoardI made this cabinet completely out of recycled material.  I planed the top to 1 inch thick and glued a 2×4 between two 2×6’s.  The raised panel doors I made from material (pine), came from a construction site dumpster.  The only cost was hinges & knobs.  Going green, so I appropriately painted it green.  It sits proudly in my daughters kitchen.Recycled Wood Cabinet Recycled Wood Cabinet Recycled Wood Cabinet Recycled Wood Cabinet Recycled Wood Cabinet Recycled Wood CabinetI made this from Steve Ramsey’s collection with a few slight modifications.  Meaning a couple of screw ups I needed to fix.WoodWorkingForMereMortals Charging StationThis is a locker I made for my first grandson about 7 yrs ago.  Not much to look at but he still uses it and I have made 6 more to date in various themes and colors.Wooden LockerThis is one more I made recently. All these lockers are made out of scraps. However I did purchase the paint hardware & stickers.Wooden Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Locker Wooden Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Locker Wooden Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Locker Wooden Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LockerI made this deck table out of .51 cent cut offs at the Home Depot.Wood Table

The red one is from Hobbie Lobbie.  My other daughter sent me a pic asking if I could make this for her.   $40.00 at the store.  $00.00 out of my scrap pile.20131015_194043 ResizedImage_1380049816982

This last project I got off YouTube from Cool Tool Shed (cooltoolshed.com).  I did modify the chairs and the table was my own design.  I made these out of Home Depot cut offs as well.
Thank You,
Dave Pelchercooltoolshed stools


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    • I do not. I used the same basic layout as the chairs, for the legs on the table. I hope my juberish makes sense. Also at the time I made the set I got the plans from the CoolToolShed, cooltoolshed.com There was no table. He has since made a table to go with the chairs and he has updated the design as well. Hope this helps

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