Vlog #123: Domino for sale??

Video Notes:

  • I made a set of swingletrees for a civil war ambulance. Just waiting on them to be installed before I can end the video. Check out Duffy’s museum: http://www.starkvillecivilwararsenal.com/
  • Working with hickory isn’t nearly as fun as working with other common domestic hardwoods. I might sell what I have if I can talk my wife into it. She really likes the way hickory looks…as do I.
  • Any suggestions for carving chisel sets?
  • I’ve been debating selling my Festool setup. Festool makes fantastic tools but after having a domino and a CT26 for two years I just don’t use them enough to justify having a bunch of money tied up in them when I would much rather spend it elsewhere. Live and learn.
  • Have a great week!


  1. I am my pushing my myself to open woodshop full time. If you decide tineellnit let me know. I would love to have one in my shop. I know I would use it a lot.

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