Huge Dry Erase Board For About $20

This is a project that I have been wanting to make for a while. I always have random ideas pop into my head while on the computer and never have anything to write it down on. My original intentions were to just buy a dry erase board but after finding out how much they cost for the relatively small area they cover I decided it would be a build instead of buy project.

This entire dry erase board is very inexpensive. To be exact, the white panel board was $13.47 and the 8′ 2×4 was $2.99. Add tax and I’m at $17.61. I already had the finishing nails, stain, and lacquer so to be fair I would say I have right at $20 in it. If you were to buy pre-made molding it would be slightly more but I would guess you would still be under the $40 mark.

Building Options

  • I made my entire frame out of one 8′ 2×4. A much easier way would be to just buy some pre-made chair rail molding.
  • I made my bottom piece to hold markers. This is not 100% necessary. You can just as easily make the thin molding wrap all the way around the panel and put the markers elsewhere. This may be a good idea for those with children who have curious hands….
  • This would look pretty cool painted as well.

dry erase board

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  1. Nice little project! Serious question though what is the panels manufacture? I ask because I could see some panels being harder to clean than others.

  2. I can’t find a white panel board that can be used as a dry erase board anywhere in lowes OR home home depot like you’re talking about that’s as big as what you’ve posted. There are only small ones.


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