1. Hey Jay you have a big Honey Do List. LOL Just a thought on the dog house use some cedar in it. The fleas can’t stand it. A cedar filled pillow works great . Keep up the good vids.


  2. Jay,
    First great video for the door faces. I am actually needing to make a door and have been putting it off. i think its going to happen sooner now. Only thing i would add is a follow up video on how to hang doors. I can never get those things straight and to stay closed. I usually just go with closed.
    second. the dog house video should be awesome. I used Thompson solid color stain and it looks great on past outdoors projects. But i just wanted to suggest paint or solid colors stain. Just a suggestion. Plus the Thompson stain requires a lot less finishing and looks great!
    Third. Just a suggestion though to make it so you can open the dog house to clean it out or remove animals that are not dogs.

    • I used an overlay hinge that pulls the door closed on its own. To hang them level I clamp a straight edge 1/2″ below the bottom of the door opening. From there it’s just a matter of screwing the door in place.

  3. Hey Jay, congrats on your wife being home, hopefully she gets to hang around for a while. Did she give you a go-ahead on the “wood slat wall” that you posted a photoshoped image of?

  4. Have you seen the bunk beds with built in desks and entertainment systems??

    only allows one bed, but it really looks cool.

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