Vlog #17: Wood + Steel Wool + Vinegar + Briwax = Awesomesauce

Show Notes

  • Thanks for the stuff Joseph! procon-supply.com.
  • Steel wool and vinegar reacted fine but I had best results with the steel wool not submerged.
  • Tudor Brown Briwax is absolutely fantastic. I believe I will be using this a lot in future projects.
  • I’m going to paint the walls in my master bedroom soon and my wife and I can’t decide on a color. We’ve narrowed it down to 4 colors thanks to Photoshop. What color do you like the best? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below.



  1. Definitely bottom left as it goes best with your furniture. Bottom right is second choice, top two are both out as they don’t mesh well with color tones in the furniture.

  2. Love all of them but I’m a green fan so I’d have to go bottom right. Although if you wanted to change bed linen at some stage than bottom left as you could basically add any colour with the brown. Just read the top comments, missed them first up. If bottom left is current colour you need a change, go green!

    • Hey again Elaine. I left the original color in the photo but didn’t label it to see what others would say :) I like the green color personally as I’m a green fan as well (hence the green in this website)

  3. Either of the bottom colors work well with your furnature. The right highligts things more giving a natural uplifting feel when waking. Sort of like the leave of the trees on the edge of a clearing. The left continues the earthy feel, more like the forest floor — cool, damp and quiet. Both are very easy, natural and realxing to the eye and mind, and work beautifully with your furnature..

  4. Bottom left looks good, but top right adds a little contrast I guess you would call it. I don’t know, it just looks good as well.

  5. Its 52 Degrees at 9:00 AM in Rohnert Park, CA, with a high of 70 Degrees today. Wish you were here. HA! My wife and I like bottom left, with bottom right as runner up.

  6. Bottom left, no doubt. It blends best with your furniture and gives the room a larger appearance. However, you must always go with the wife on these things, even when she is wrong. Remember the old adage, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no body happy”. You have to live with her.

  7. Bottom left.

    I personally would consider putting a beadboard or painted pallet wood half wall with chair rail behind the bed. For the the bottom half color, I would go with top right. Gives you a little color and makes that area stand out. Plus you save on paint. It’s not expensive anyway but you would get a change at a really low cost.

  8. I like the bottom left as well, more into neutral colors so you’re not so much stuck with something that will get old. I know you say it’s what it is now.. so no painting :)

    Maybe you could give your French cleat router table away too. :) We’d pay shipping.

  9. Jay, Not a big fan of green, and you’ve already got a lot of brown. My living room is that same color brown in the bottom left, I like that color, but IMO too much brown overall. In my mind there’s too much green in the top right color. The top left is the wrong shade of blue … have you thought about a soft yellow?

    If I have to pick from what you offered, I like the brown the best, but holy brown, batman!

  10. For the furniture you have, bottom left looks best. With different furniture, upper right would be my pick (and is actually very close to the color I painted my office).

  11. Jay, I feel that bottom left would be best as it is a more neutral colour and allows the dominant features (bed, dresser etc) to stand out.

    Problem with taste is “one mans meat is another mans poison” I spoke to my wife who is our taste expert and she said bottom left. Always listen to the wife !!!!!!!!!!


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