These are some of my favorite web links. Most of which I visit daily or weekly. These pages are full of knowledge, entertainment, and useful information.

Awesome YouTube Channels:

Here are some great forums to participate in:

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A lot of people have asked what programs I use so I decided I would post them here.



Google SketchUp 8.0.15158. This is the version of SketchUp that I use. I do not upgrade it. People have had issues after upgrading so I decided not to. Like the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Installing SketchUp In Linux

I previously ran Linux as my main operating system so I will still keep this info on this page. I was forced to switch back to the dreaded Windows for video editing purposes. Windows programs can not be installed in Linux just out to the box. Just the same way Mac programs can’t be installed on Windows. For this there is a program called Wine which allows Windows programs to be installed. The best tutorial I have found to install SketchUp in Linux is from this Google Groups thread. First use one of the links above to download your appropriate version of SketchUp and then follow the instructions in the first post and you will have a trouble free working installation. You need to use the SketchUp installation file from the link above and not the one linked in the post.

Web Support

Need website help? New sites or old sites, Jeff Ferguson has the knowledge and expertise that you may need. This isn’t a paid advertisement. Jeff is a vital part of keeping this site running and I highly recommend his services.  You can contact him at his website or simply filling out the form below.


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