Video: IMO The Best and Easiest Way to Finish Pine

pine blanket chest

In my opinion this is the best and easiest way to finish pine projects. This isn’t the greatest demonstration but hopefully I was able to show how easy it is to finish pine. The product I am using is Zinzer’s Amber Shellac. I suppose you could get similar results using a shellac compatible tint or dye for brown tones but I have not tried. I have never messed up a project using this method. The video is a little on the long side so I do apologize. I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, or questions you might have. I’m not the best at explaining things but I try and always have a lot of fun making these videos. The issue of putting a finish over waxed shellac has been debated over and over again. It is a never ending argument. I stand on the “its ok” side of the fence. Look up this topic on the LumberJocks forum to read some long discussions on the topic. Thanks for watching.