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Product Tour #1: 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Engraver

Welcome to the first installment of a Product Tour series where the goal is to introduce a product and answer the simple question "does...

How and Why I Sharpen

This article is long and the video is pretty long but don't let that fool you into thinking this process is long. I wanted...

How To Build A Bookcase

My wife loves to read. I mean, she really loves to read. Not digitally though. She says flipping the pages and physically holding a...

Jamie And I Make A Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

My wife has had a jewelry box on my “to make” list for quite some time. The very first woodworking project I made was...

Trash To Treasure – BBQ Condiment Tray

Have I mentioned how awesome my wife is lately? Well, she's awesome. Very awesome. She recently bought herself an outdoor dinging table and chairs...

How To Make A 2 Player Chinese Checkers Game Box

My wife and I are addicted to board games. We play at least one board game per day. Generally it is SORRY but we...

Vlog 132: A few things on the list

Video Notes: Past projects that I forgot: Bandsaw scoop is holding up great. 2x4 benches are holding up great. Small hickory side table is...

Jay & silent Jeremy go to the lumber yard…

We took an early morning road trip to get some wood at the GoodWood Sawmill in Pontotoc, Mississippi, and decided to take the camera...