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Mobile Workbench, Plywood Rack, Lumber Rack

  This is my new materials shed. It's a 12' x 24' portable shed. It's built on runners and not permanently attached to the ground....

Product Tour #1: 3 Axis Mini DIY CNC Engraver

Welcome to the first installment of a Product Tour series where the goal is to introduce a product and answer the simple question "does...

How To Build A Bookcase

My wife loves to read. I mean, she really loves to read. Not digitally though. She says flipping the pages and physically holding a...

Jamie And I Make A Jewelry Organizer Cabinet

My wife has had a jewelry box on my “to make” list for quite some time. The very first woodworking project I made was...

Trash To Treasure – BBQ Condiment Tray

Have I mentioned how awesome my wife is lately? Well, she's awesome. Very awesome. She recently bought herself an outdoor dinging table and chairs...

How To Make A 2 Player Chinese Checkers Game Box

My wife and I are addicted to board games. We play at least one board game per day. Generally it is SORRY but we...

Vlog 136: Sponsors, Shop Tours, Too Critical

Video Notes: You’re too hard on yourself... Not really. Analyze results and get better. What do I think of the Laguna lathe? It’s too...

Vlog 135: Lots of Positivity, Back to Business

Video Notes: The last video I published was Mobile Workbench, Plywood Rack, Lumber Rack. I had no idea what to call it as it...