Video: Second miter saw station for my shop

Miter Saw Station

This is the second miter saw station I will be using in my shop. The first was for small cutoffs and 2×4 lumber. This one is for the wider and longer stock. It is a salvaged 42” sink base cabinet on wheels with 40” wings on either side. This gives me a total distance of 10’2” from end to end when extended. The arms fold down straddling the mounting brackets to take up less space and give a nice clean look. Total arm surface area is 40” x 11.5”.Miter Saw Station Miter Saw Station Miter Saw Station Miter Saw Station Miter Saw Station Miter Saw StationThe dimensions can be modified to fit any need and are extremely easy to build. No special hardware to buy. All hinges are made with 2-1/2” kreg screws. Here is a video of the build. I made a video showing the design process in SketchUp as awell. That video is in the CAD Corner. For those who do not use SketchUp I highly recommend it. Truly a great tool for all woodworkers. To download my SketchUp file click here.