Vlog #2: Make Money Woodworking

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  1. Jay, I’ve been watching your videos for some time now and I get a lot of information out of them. You’re doing a great job. And thanks for the videos.

  2. Hi Jay, and regards from France where I’ve been progressively tooling up to work wood, with various shop and home projects that are becoming sharper and sharper. It’s a hobby, it’s addictive as you say, but it’s also a bit of a martial art for the homeowner dad who wants to fix things and show his 2-year old twin kids that things can be built or fixed. I love it.
    Now regarding vlogs and especially Sketchup, i was happy to see you’re back doing Sketchup, as it is a skill i want to aquire and your vids have been among the more useable ones out there, in the sense that they’re fast, focused, detailed, so that i can see how the skills work without the whole thing being too tedious, and, like Khan’s Academy, i can always rewind to get that detail tip i missed.
    This works great for me… especially since we’re buying a house here in France and i’ll have a lot of Sketchup planning and woodworking as the renovation/expansion gets underway around december…
    So keep on truckin, and enjoy !

  3. keep doing this type of video. after a long day of work i look forward to relaxing catching up on all my favorite woodworkers, your a great wood worker and a great teacher.

  4. I have been checking out your videos for a while now and I have really been enjoying them! It’s nice to see that there are others who were self/internet taught. As a father of two young children (3 and 1), who doesn’t get a chance to get out into the shop much, your videos help me get through those long months away from a project. Congrats on the new house and keep up the good work!

    I have to say the “scared the s*** out of me” line had me rolling man.

  5. Jay,
    Great job with the vlog and website. Really appreciate all your time and effort and for keeping it free. Just thought I’d pass along this website along to you http://www.custommade.com. I just found it as a buyer and thought you might be interested in it as a maker. My experience with the website has been great so far. I am currently having a custom mirror frame made up and the collaboration has been very easy. Looks like a good way for you and others to make money as a woodworker.

  6. Thank you for your advise and your video’s. For someone that is trying to teach himself how to be a woodworking, I truly do appreciate it.

  7. Hey Jay,

    I had to stop by to see how things are going in the new shop and I watched your video.

    The most common questions I get are also how do I make my living from the shop and how do I sell my work.

    I actually answered that from my personal experience in Episode 34, but the following videos are from other professional woodworkers to get more perspective that will help everyone out. If they tried to follow my path, they would have to get into the trades. But then again, I have built some killer projects and ended up a nationally juried woodworking artist via that route:)

    Anyway, if you check out my site there is some good information from the interviews and I still have one more coming. I hope to get it out by next weekend.

    Keep up the great work. I KNOW how much work goes into a video and you are doing an awesome job.

    Your friend in the shop-

    Todd A. Clippinger

    • Hey Todd! Glad you stopped by. Sorry for just now responding as your comment accidentally got sent to the spam filter. I’ll definitely check out those videos and share for others to see. Have a good one man.

      • I felt bad after I sent that, I was afraid you might think I was trying to hijack your thread.

        I think you do great work at educating and motivating the woodworkers. I know full well the work that goes into making the videos you do and respect what you bring to the woodworking community.

        Keep up the great work!

        • No worries man. Conversation is good. I’m about halfway through episode 34 right now. Totally agree that the more perspectives on this topic we can find the better. Thanks for taking the time to interview those folks!

  8. I am not sure that you know that at Home depot and Lowes give military a 10% discount. in one of your videos you said your wife is deployed. I am retired Navy. So thank her for her service!!!

  9. Jay, there are lots of guys / girls, I mean women that are doing woodworking videos. It’s a personal choice but it’s nice to find someone like yourself that is a regular guy, shows mistakes and knows what he is doing and has great ideas. Keep up the good work!

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