1. Buy the empty house is the price is right. Future wood shop or rental income. Looking back you are going to say why didn’ I buy it. Been there but didn’t do it. Enjoying the videos and vlog. Later Jack

  2. Jay, that is a great setup!!! I would love to find myself something like that where I am in NC. It would be heaven. Right now, I deal with suburbia and the neighborhood kids using my yard as a walk through. I seek peace and quiet. I like the idea of the privacy fence and utilizing the whole back yard.

  3. Great place, now is the time to plant some Leland Cypress plants. They grow fast, are cheap and make a great screen for the shed next door. If you plant small ones now if a few years they will make a nice green wall.

  4. Jay, I’m a little over 50 but would you consider adopting me?! I could be an in-house apprentice! :) Made me smile to see you are a dog lover too.


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