Vlog #17: Wood + Steel Wool + Vinegar + Briwax = Awesomesauce

Show Notes

  • Thanks for the stuff Joseph! procon-supply.com.
  • Steel wool and vinegar reacted fine but I had best results with the steel wool not submerged.
  • Tudor Brown Briwax is absolutely fantastic. I believe I will be using this a lot in future projects.
  • I’m going to paint the walls in my master bedroom soon and my wife and I can’t decide on a color. We’ve narrowed it down to 4 colors thanks to Photoshop. What color do you like the best? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below.



  1. The blue clashes with the furnishings, the third pic, it all washes out or maybe blends too much and the last would be my choice for the contrasts and the cooler coloured wall. Of course, where you are, you may appreciate the warmer colours but I live in a sub tropical environment hence the green preference.

  2. Jay – I like the upper left color, that being said I went and asked my wife and she laugh then said the bottom left. she said my choice was OK but she like the bottom left better. But we both thought it strange to have the dresser in front of a window.

  3. Upper left. Unless your wife doesn’t like it…in which case, it’s out.
    Actually, my scientific reason for selecting upper left is….I liked it.

  4. Assuming you don’t want to spring for a different color of linens (and I’m not suggesting you should), I like either the taupe or the verde…with a slight preference for the latter. What? Did you really expect me to call them beige and green?

  5. Jay…been enjoying all your videos. Your doing a great job. As far as the color of your room, I go with the bottom right. Don’t like the top two and the bottom left makes the room to dull. The bottom right gives it some wow factor.

  6. What is it about 40° degrees there in MS during this cold snap: 2 shirts, a hoodie, a carhart and a new fleece cap? Wow, you really do hate cold! No comment on your choice of colors for the bedroom–I’m color blind, however, I am enjoying your stain experiment. I guess I did not pay enough attention previously but submerging the steel wool in the vinegar would not work. The steel you are trying to change is ferrous oxide which is rust–the reaction of steel with oxygen, so you really need oxygen.

  7. Bottom Right. Relaxing color.
    40° would be a blessing here in MI. Just came home last night from a week up north deer hunting. 25° during the day, 10° to 15° at night. Tuesday had 25 to 35 MPH winds putting the wind chill to around 0°. Burrrrrrrrr!!!!!.

  8. The second one, the blue one realy brings out thr ritchness off your furniture. But with my experience i suggest you let your wife decide!!!

  9. Bottom left, we used a 250-4 stone Stone B
    Brown in our master & 450-4 Scotland Road green for a bath & bedroom BEHR best paint no regrets.Both colors are similar to yours.


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