Vlog #18: Taking A Break Feels GREAT!

Show Notes

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  • I took a 3.497 day break and boy did it feel great. Time to get some stuff accomplished.

I’m not a musician by any means. About 5 years ago I picked up a guitar for the first time to kill some time with a friend. I rarely play it these days but figured I’d break it out and kick off some of the dust and play a few tunes to see what I could remember. So, did you recognize all of the songs? I’d like to say thanks to those of you who come here to my website to watch these videos so the first person who can leave the names to all of the songs I played in the comments to this article will get a free t-shirt from my shirt store…assuming you live in one of the countries that SpreadShirt will ship to. Click here to see if your country is eligible. It’s not much but I’d like to do something like this more often to say thanks for taking interest in what I do.



  1. Taking a break always feels so good. Its funny to be because a good breaks is spending all my time in the shop.

  2. Layla
    Don’t stop believing
    Sweet dreams
    Sunshine of your love
    Nothing else matters
    Simple man
    She hates me
    Stairway to heaven

  3. For not playing much you are really good! I really like listening to people playing good acoustic renditions of good songs. Loved the Stairway cutoff.

  4. Look forward to hearing/seeing more on the steel wool and vinegar finish process. Oh, with guitar skills like that you could join my favorite band – Firewood. They only play three cord songs. Hahaha…..just kidding on the band not on the guitar skills. Good stuff!!

  5. I love the extra insight into your multidimensional talent… ^.^ A break is a great way to keep it fresh, glad you able to see that. Love you Site, great stuff here! Thanks!

  6. Jay, Love your material. I sent an e-mail a while back asking how to do a compound angle in sketch up. Can you help me?

    Thanks John

  7. Love your videos. Glad you had a good break, those can help a lot! Also, loved the music, you are good! Recognized all the songs, but couldn’t name them all because I am horrible with song names!

  8. Cool tunes Jay! You should do video lessons on playing the guitar. My kind of songs.
    I’m looking for a plan for triple bunk beds. The corner section kind with the lower bunk close to the floor, the 2nd bunk turned at a angle half way up and the 3rd bunk going the same direction as the lower bottom bunk. By any chance do you have a set of plans for this or know where I can find any? I can’t wait to see how your bunk beds turn out. You always build some pretty awesome stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished beds.

  9. Little late with this–I took a break as well. You are a very good musician. Really like acoustical guitar and wish I could play but alas that ship has sailed–sank actually. Thanks for the vids.

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