Vlog #20: More Briwax Awesomesauce

Show Notes:

  • Mark Griffith is one good dude.
  • I hooked up my ShopVac wrong to my mini cyclone…I’m an idiot.
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  • Router dado jig from a 2′ x 2′ piece of plywood: click here
  • Cooler box this week!
  • It’s always fun to grab a snapshot of a video when someones face looks goofy. (example below)



  1. I am looking forward to a video about the wax because it looks to be easier to put on than a traditional finish.

  2. Acrylic 45 degree sled jig guy here. What kind of gutter guard do you have on your house? Hopefully this is not spammy, but my “Plastics” company makes galvanized and powder coated steel gutter screen. We have since 1946. steelcogutterscreen.com if you are interested. Or call and we can talk.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled comment.

    • Hey Keith. The gutter guards up there are identical to the Steelco Cutter Screen on your website. They work but when a crap ton of leaves fall they build up in the valleys of the roof.

  3. Before you put briwax on the wood do you anything to it? or after you put it on do you put anything on it? or is it the only thing you use? Thanks

  4. I have briwax but a couple of years ago I started making my own wax and like it better. I make it with beeswax and mineral oil. Goes on super easy is a satin smooth finish and makes your hands feel like they have been in lanolin. I use 1 cup beeswax and 1 small bottle of mineral oil. Smooth as a babies butt.

  5. Jay, wondering if you have tried gel stain. I have had great success on pine and other lumber that are blotchy when stained that distracts for the character of the Wood.

  6. I have been using Kiwi shoe polish to finish wood for over 40 years. It works well and allows clear coat to be applied if desired. It is an inexpensive, easy way to color wood and provide a rubbed wax finish.

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