Vlog #21: Super Duper French Cleat Hammer Holder

Show Notes

  • Dorald Keefer has been added to the Awesome people list.
  • Change your rear lift gate support struts yourself. Easy to do.
  • The cooler box turned out pretty nifty. Click here
  • Use a hose to connect the cooler box drain.
  • No searching the internet: Iron roof and glass walls it burns all night but never falls. What is it?



  1. LOL I should have known better. When I got the email and it said Super Duper French Cleat Hammer Holder. I thought oh I bet he came up with something great! You got me…

  2. Hi Jay –
    I’m new to your website and an amateur woodworker. I will be retiring within the next 2 years so I’m setting up my garage/shop a little at a time presently.
    Enjoy all your tips, projects, and videos. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks – Mike Scott
    Minocqua, Wisconsin

  3. The second best part: using my trick of reading the directions after applying the finish. Best part: French cleat hammer holder. LMAO. Keep ’em coming!

      • one of the first philosophical quotes I learned from American friends : “when all else fails, RTFM (read the f…ing manual)”.
        Thanks for the great content, as always, and happy 2015, it’ll be a good one I am sure !

  4. The answer is The Statue of Liberty. The light shines 24/7. Love your site Jay! You give the best advice on how to build jigs and things for the novice woodworker. Would love to see your shop at your house in “Stark Vegas”.

  5. In your Vlog #21 video, you suggested you may try the male plug from a pop up lawn sprinkler to fit into the cooler box. I built on about a year ago, and the plug I used, was that plug. The Lowe’s near my house was temporarily sold out of the one I originally wanted so I opted to try that one.

    The BAD thing about that one is the “head” of the nut for the wrench is only larger by the points of the nut, thus when you put the nut on inside the cooler box, it draws the whole plug inside. As I was pulling it back out, I accidentally cracked the side of the cooler box, and had to replace it.

    To prevent this, you should only use the plugs if the wrench head nut is a larger diameter than the threaded portion. I have repaired the cooler, and went on and built another cooler box, but to me it was a waste of time using the wrong part.

    Mike Watson
    Deigned in Pine
    St. James, MO

  6. Hi ya Jay, Thanks for all your hard work and time in making projects and videoing them for us woodworkers and DIY ers, Unfortunately nothing like this in Aussie except for uncle knackers, keep up the great work and have a merry Christmas and happy new year

    • Thank you Owen. I appreciate it. Uncle Knackers is awesome! And remember that anyone can pick up a camera and be the next source of inspiration! hint-hint…

  7. That blog really shows your true dedication to us(the many readers that you have) and this one thanks you very much. I really appreciate all that you do for us.
    Larry from Freeport, NY

  8. Great vlog as always. I look forward to any of your articles and get great entertainment. love the way you do things your way and fxxk all the assholes. Good on ya Jay.

  9. Hi Jay,

    Talking about dust extractions and ROS… No combination is out of realm with Sketchup and a basic 3D printer. I have every sander dust extraction port connectable to a dust extraction with customised 3D printed connectors. With youe ingenuity you could build one quickly and cheaply.


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