Vlog #22: Belt Sander Platform Version 2.0

Show Notes

  • I rearranged my shop. Much mo-betta now.
  • Jackman Carpentry (is awesome) on YouTube: click here
  • Dough Williams is awesome.
  • Derek Cadmus is awesome.
  • Patrick’s (awesome dude) Work Shop: click here
  • Detroit Lions play for the division title in Green Bay this week. Go Lions!!
  • Go Wings!!
  • Lots of fun projects in 2015 :)
  • April Wilkerson dog gate: click here
  • Binford BSPV2.0 – 6000 with the ultra-mega dust extraction add-on.



  1. Funny you have the Binford 6000 for your BSPV2.0. I have a decal heading your way that I had made up for your cabinet. I was hoping you were a fan of Tool Time or you were at least familiar with the notion of Binford Tools. Now I know!

    My Craftsman contractor saw has built in mounting points in the cast iron wing and an upgrade kit for the rip fence to use the router extension. I was going to be content with having to pull the bit when I needed to rip wider pieces. I ended up finding a Grizzly router table with a Porter Cable Router locally for really cheap. I’m glad to have it separate other than the fact that I have yet another table and stand to move around my garage.

    Enjoy the brownie points!

  2. Hey! Really appreciate your work. I noticed a cyclone dust collector in your shop. Have you given up on the harbor freight/ thein system? Your comments will be appreciated! Thanks, Noel,

    • I didn’t want to modify or cobble anything together again in regards to shop dust collection so I just bought a cyclone. I still have the HF unit. Not sure what I’ll do with it though.

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