Vlog #23: How I Made Belt Sander Platform #2

Show Notes

  • Jason Rausch is awesome. And apparently really smart as he works for NASA.
  • The Lions beat the Packers 27-6 this past Saturday….then I woke up and realized they lost 20-30.
  • Who’s going to beat who in the Super Bowl??
  • Belt sander platform version #2 is ugly but works great. Made from scrap 3/4″ and 1/4″ materials. Shop vac plugs in the back for super-duper dust collection.
  • I really want to put an effort into ending my organization battles by making an entire wall of door and drawer storage. I believe it will be my miter saw station as well…
  • BE SAFE during the new year holiday!!!



  1. Just letting you know for this week we are enemies. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. Also I can’t say I’m upset that Suh got suspended for a game. We will take whatever we can get. :-)

  2. Every team seems vulnerable this year. I have no idea who will win. I agree that Seattle and New England will both be in the Championship games but I’m not confident that either will go to the Super Bowl.

  3. Are you kidding me, I get all my planning done in bed when I should be sleeping. I planned my whole shop remodel that way. I would get up in the morning and draw it all out. Sometimes it was so bad I had to get up and take a Advil PM so I could go to sleep.

  4. Big Packers fan. Time to dump Suh! Love your VLOG it inspires me. I love your/my OSB drill press table and sliding Moxon Vice.

    Happy New Year
    Zoni Jay

  5. I’ve been following you for awhile. Watched your video when you moved your shop into your garage. I am in the process of converting my garage into a shop for my arts & crafts business. We both live in a cold weather state (you more than me). How do you heat and air condition your shop?

    • Hey Randy. I live in Mississippi. I don’t really heat my shop much. I had to apply a finish once so far this winter so I used two oil radiant heaters and it kept my garage at 65 degrees with it being 35 outside. The summers are pretty hot here though. I just use a fan with the door open. As long as I’m in the shade with a breeze it’s not all that bad.

  6. I do my best planning while resting in bad. I make, take apart and redesign everything I make in my mind because I have trouble staying asleep and wake up thinking of things I am building. The older I get the less sleep I need. I agree with you about the storage wall, make it non specific and that way you can move things around without modifying you layout.

  7. Thanks Jay! Was looking at maybe buying a hunky-dory sanding-type machine, but this will do nicely while I make up my mind if I really need one! What do you think of using a drill press kinda like a spindle sander?

    • Sure. You can do it. Make sure you start with the slowest speed available. You can work up as you get more comfortable. Also. suggest that you lay down a board with a hole cut into it so that the end of the spindle is enclosed. You can then get 90 degree sanding on the lowest portion of the work piece.

  8. Jay I actually do the same thing. I lay awake at night thinking about how to do something and the next day I go do it. Great video by the way. Love your stuff. David

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