Vlog #25: Leaning Cyclone Cart of DOOM!

Show Notes:

  • Note to self; Set mic on the appropriate setting before recording you dummy.
  • The cyclone cart will not tip over unless you purposefully tip it over. Beating on it wont tip it over. Screaming like a little girl as you run away from a spider with the random orbital sander in hand while still attached to the cyclone cart will not tip it over.
  • Bret is one cool dude.
  • Go Packers! Seahawks will repeat as champs though…
  • I designed a new router lift. More on that later…
  • My dogs love the dog house. Fortunately I haven’t had to go inside it since making it.



  1. I guess the casters helped prevent tipping.
    I ended up putting a big sheet of plywood under my drill press to mount it to. Works out well enough but my floor isnt level so i had to shim it.

    • I’m not concerned with the height as the hose on tip is one of the lightest parts of the unit. I think using 90 degree elbows will strain air flow. I know it will with larger dust collection units anyway.

  2. Maybe so, but if you tie that cyclone cart to your trailer hitch with a 20-foot log-chain and head down the nearest gravel road, I’ll bet you $5 American-dollars you’ll be wishing you had added those bungie cords by the time you hit 45mph or so!! (I say with a hauty look while adjusting my tin-foil hat).

  3. Jay, three observations on this vlog: 1) Don’t give up on the Packers the way all the sports “pundits” on CBS gave up on the Colts (except for Tony Dungy). 2) You could suggest to Jamie that she could stain the bunk bed and that would give us another opportunity to appreciate her sense of humor on video. 3) Even though you now write in all caps, I HAVE YET TO SEE YOU TYPE IN ALL CAPS.

    • 1 – Of the teams left I would actually like to see Green Bay take the trophy the most but just looking at it I cant help but think Seattle will take it back to back years.
      2 – I think Jamie is done with shop stuff for a while lol.

  4. Being from Utah, we don’t have a team, so I tend to follow players. Detroit has a couple boys that played in Utah (Ziggy and Van Noy) so I have been rooting for the Lions all year…and we know where that got me.

    Looking forward to the router project. I need a good router solution in a bad way and I like your designs.

  5. I was totally inspired. I too wanted a non Siste by side solution for the Cyclone. I posted a pic of my solution on your FB page. I love your ingenuity and can’t wait for each installment.

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