Vlog #28: Hand Cut Dovetails at 60FPS

Show Notes

  • This video was shot in 60 frames per second with my GoPro. Just trying to see if the quality is an improvement over my Canon for use in these vlog videos.
  • Colt Davis is a nice dude.
  • Dorald Keefer is a nice dude.
  • I don’t think a micro adjustment option is needed on the lever router lift. Feel free to add one to your design if needed.
  • One of the main design factors for the lever router lift was to keep everything super simple.
  • Hopefully everyone sees my bit on hand cut dovetails as a joke….
  • Goodbye.



  1. Hi Jay.
    Picture looks great on my lap top, just like watching the TV. Great videos, thanks for making them.



  2. I about blew my coffee all over my computer screen – “He just needs to get laid” Saying what you think instead of biting your tongue hurts less…..
    I’d recommend you make a small frame holder for the iPad that can attache to the tripod just below the camera -that way you are still looking at the camera – I’m sure you can come up with something like that….and make a video about it,

  3. Hi Jay

    Re 1080/60 broadcast.
    The sound is fine but the picture keeps stopping.
    I have the top speed broadband in U.K.
    Keep up the good work, I look forward to each video.

  4. LOOKS & SOUNDS GREAT! I look forward to ALL your content! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! I can’t wait for your EXPANDED-miter saw station episodes to get online. Be well & be happy!

  5. The video quality at 1080p was excellent… however, my computer was occationally buffering due to the higher data volume. I moved the quality to 720p and had no buffering; however, the image was not as sharp. Personally, I’m not looking for production quality video… I’m not headed to my nearest iMax to watch YouTube videos. ;o)

    Keep up the good work… I really enjoy your no non-sense approach to woodworking.


  6. Greetings from Denmark. Great image quality! I watched it on a FULL HD monitor so everything looked great! No problems whatsoever .

    What do you use to edit the video files from the GoPRO? Thanks!

  7. The playback at 720 and 1080 was a little choppy for me, but my internet connection gets a little wonky at times though. I usually watch YouTube at 480. For me, that is high enough quality to be able to see whats going on, but low enough that it doesn’t have to buffer.

    I vote that you use whatever setup allows you to continue to produce videos! Keep it up!

  8. Are you using any lens correction software or using the raw GoPro data? What software do you use for your editing? I really enjoy your videos, and how easy you make things on sketchup.

    • Nope. The GoPro has various lens angle settings. Normally you see the super wide fish eye angle that people choose. I used the Narrow setting for this video. I use Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 for all of my video editing.

      • Thank you. It must be powerful. In one of your videos, you’re using an air nailer and somehow even at fast speed the shots were right with the music. Was that coincidence or on purpose?

          • I thought that was on purpose! I ordered that software today. I had been using the old windows movie maker and am overdue for an upgrade. I’ll use it lots for my UAV and drag videos. My woodworking projects aren’t really good enough to make videos of at this point..

  9. Picture and playback was very good. Maybe you could attach the camera to a helmet and wear it while you do a couple projects for POV experience!!!! Great stuff

  10. I think there’s some jealous guy going around emailing all you guys cuz that subject has come up in a couple videos this week. I think it’s nice to give if you can.

  11. A friend of mine told the US Custom agent ( who was in a bad mood) Detroit Michigan us/can border crossing he needed to get laid! Needless to say it took a little longer to proceed on his way.

  12. Hi Jay, hallo from South Africa. The new video looks much better, keep the blogs and video’s coming. Great job.

  13. video and audio were fine at my end right from the get go, I enjoy getting your videos great job, keep em coming Jay :)

  14. I am using a Mac Mini running Yosemite, and Safari 8.0.3.
    I got the 1080p60 option.
    Ran it and switched to Full Screen mode.
    Holy Cow! I thought I was in your shop.
    Crisp and Clear. My internet connection is up to 5M down…(which means I usually get around 1.5M

  15. I love all your videos! Have you tried using your Gopro up close to your tools and capture the video in slow motion? I just started wood working about a month ago and I am going to make your saw blade cabinet next. It’s 6 degrees out in Minnespolis right now and I have to wait until later in the day so my propane torpedo heater has a chance to warm up my garage to about 50 degrees! Keep up all your awesome videos! My wife wants me to make your shoebox holder for all of her yarn projects!

    • 60fps takes twice as long to render as 30fps and the file size is twice as big. The computer I built can handle rendering 1080 at 60fps with me using photoshop on one monitor and watching YouTube on the other.

  16. Jay, I don’t know how to thank you. I’ve long suspected that dovetail joints need gaps for seasonal expansion, contraction, and sudden unexpected changes in barometric pressure. I know I do! We need to get the word out to other woodworkers. This is serious! Free the pins!

  17. Jay the quality of picture is great… the sound or voice is out of sync with picture on Utube on my set up..sound in front of pic, using 1080p

  18. Jay Just replayed video on Utube @ 480p and everything in sync and picture quality is great..Keep up the good work and I look forward to more videos

  19. Hi Jay, thanks for all your work and videos. This shot w the GoPro 60fps and only 720p; struggles to get it over my wifi, and staggers a bit. audio ok, but focus is good at the background only. That 60fps would make sense on high speed action scenes though.

  20. Glad to see I am not alone in trumpeting the need to allow for “wood movement” when cutting dovetail joints by hand. All of my hand cut dovetails have this “feature”. Maybe somebody ought to clue Matt Cremona onto this.

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