Vlog #29: CNC N Things

Show Notes

  • Funny sticker from I don’t know who.
  • Check out Steve Carmichael’s channel: click here
  • John Beilmann is a cool dude. Do you work for the fire department? If so, THANKS!!
  • EDIT: The grand canyon is in Arizonia. I’m an idiot. Don’t get in front of cameras when you are tired folks.
  • Mark Griffith made a very nice looking JB logo. Thanks dude.
  • For laying out sketchup models into plans check out my breadbox video on YouTube: click here
  • Keep it real homies.

I ended up playing with the CNC again after I shot this video and cut a RedWings logo. Then waxed it with rustic pine Briwax. It turned out great!featured-image-vlog-29



  1. Dear Jay:

    GREAT VIDEO! BUT…If you have been to the Grand Canyon you have been to AZ! If you drove I-40 you probably went via New Mexico and then into AZ->Holbrook, Williams, Flagstaff->then North on 180 to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Canyon is 1 mile deep, 18 miles wide and 277 miles long->so you can make many trips there and STILL NEVER see it all! I lived at the South Rim for the first three years I lived in AZ-loved it! As always I love your videos and the CNC looks great! Be well & be happy!

  2. LOL youve been to arizona, the grand canyon and sedona, painted desert the crater lo, im absolutley amazed by that machine, your awesome!!

  3. Jay, love your videos, if you’re going to make signs use Marsh spray ink instead oh paint. Paint absorbs in wood, the spray ink doesn’t. Check out “oldave100” videos on sign making, ton of great information. Keep up the great work.
    Dale Williamson

  4. This is what I used to insulate my garage doors. It was the best price for a similar kits, and I found it pretty easy to install. It’s made a great deal of difference. I live in NW Ohio and I have been able to work in my garage during the winter in relative comfort. (A small heater on low keeps temperature 50 – 55 degrees, 20 -30 warmer than outside). It would make a great video for HGMM as well.

    I see there are no Menards in Mississippi, but they do ship. I don’t know how much it would cost to ship these. You’d need 2 kits.


    These kits have metal clips, unlike the pink version that has plastic. I see people complain about the pink version’s clips breaking.

  5. There is a company that makes a replacement garage door hinges that are spring loaded that pull the door to the jamb. Look up Green Hinges. I put them on my 16’x9′ overhead door and they made a big difference in air leaks.

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