Vlog #30: Great, Kid! Don’t get cocky

Show Notes

  • Millennium freekin Falcon!!
  • I’ve never made a mortise and tenon joint. True story.
  • Han Solo claimed that his Millennium Falcon “made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs”. A parsec is a unit of distance, not time. Solo was not referring directly to his ship’s speed when he made this claim.  – starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Kessel_Run



  1. Hey Jay
    You should get all the YouTube guys together and ask YouTube to sponsor a stand at the WIA, you could all have a roster for manning the stand, have a few flat screens running woodworking videos that you have all produced and maybe a contest where the public can win prizes!

  2. Why would you feel like you are boasting? I, like everyone else who watches this channel, are tuning in to see what is going on. If I didn’t want to see the stickers or the pens or what not I wouldn’t watch this channel. Or, being a proper internet citizen, I’d complain that you weren’t showing woodworking. Then you could do a show on the Vlog channel about how your other channel is for that, this channel is just you talking about what is going on. You know like giving a shout out to someone who sent you a pen or some stickers or a calendar. Don’t change the format or the content, those of us that watch it every week enjoy it.

  3. Jay… I have a garage shop as well. I insulated the walls (cut holes in sheet rock and had a truck blew in cellulose) and then instead of patching the drywall, I opted to just install outdoor grade 4×8 sheets of paneling (like for sheds), insulated above the garage and insulated the garage door… Total cost was about 1000.00. For the garage doors, I got a 4×8 sheet of pink foam from my local box store and cut ‘furring’ strips and glued 3 strips to each panel. Then I got the rollout radiant barrier from same box store and attached it to the furring strips and taped it with real duct tape. Along the bottom of the garage door I got another rubber strip designed to attach to the bottom of garage doors and placed it on the ground so now there’s two rubber strips contacting each other when the garage shuts. I had to loosen the garage door rails and push it forward a little bit to get a tighter seal around that garage, but overall it has worked out beautifully! I also added a ductless mini-split dc/inverter type ac/heat pump (800.00 @ alpinehomeair.com) and now my shop is fully climate controlled. In fact, it’s more efficient than my house! Best $1800.00 I’ve spent out here. Food for thought! :) It’s 32 this morning here in FTW, TX and my shop is 72! Summer time here is brutal as I’m sure you know and I can go outside and take a temperature reading of my garage door. It can be 115 on the outside and 78 in the inside. That’s just the inside of the door. I can maintain as low as 66 degrees in the summers here! Just food for thought :) Here’s some pics of my shop if you’re interested.


    • Thanks for the tips. Sounds like you have a great setup. I doubt I’ll put any money into insulating it though. I’d rather use that towards a stand alone shop.

  4. I enjoy your vlog videos as much as your woodworking video channel thingy. This is sort of a behind the scenes look at your life as a woodworker and I’m enjoying it.

  5. You have no reason to feel like you’re “boasting”. We get so much more in return from your videos. The tips and instruction, not to mention the humor, are invaluable. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  6. Also love the Red Wings / Lions stuff. I’ve always got my wings gear on when I’m in my shop too. Loved the Seahawks sticker dilemma!

  7. I agree with the comments above. Its fun to see what people send you and you are obviously appreciated! I think a bigger SEAHAWKS sticker is in order! Keep up the good work.

  8. You guys should get together and make up a 2016 Calendar of everyone. So they can be sold and we can use them in our shops we can get you autographs, I would think it would help with the cost of the booth and any other expenses.

  9. Jay
    I’m glad the pen (as they Say ) is mightier than the sword, and has made your wife happy .
    I like my Kimber 1911 in my holster it trumps swords. As in another Harrison Ford movie .
    You are very welcome , that coin is the same one that I give to all Patriots ,in uniform or not.
    I have given out about 100 of them so far .
    As you have seen by my sticker I stand for the 2nd Amendment and the American Flag.

    Keep up the great work.
    And ‘ May The Force be With You”

  10. Don’t think the placement of that rifle sticker right next to the sea hawk sticker went unnoticed.
    Just sayin.

  11. Jay – the fact that there idiots out there criticizing you only means 2 things. #1 they are simply idiots who are probably jealous or having nothing better to do. #2 as you grow and more people watch your videos & vlog’s the statistical probability of idiots watching increases. So bottom line, f ’em and don’t change, continue to do what got you to this point. Have a good weekend.

    • I like all of Jay’s stuff. This is my favorite woodworking site. That said, if all the comments are positive, you start to wonder if they are all sincere. Embrace negative comments as long as they are in the minority.

  12. I watch as a daily diversion. I don’t really care what you put on your VLOG. I like the fact that you can actually interact with your host. Jay, you’re doing a great job and you’re and personally thanking your viewers. Keep it up!

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