Vlog #31 – Pushing ahead with the miter saw wall

Show Notes:

  • I need a haircut…or I could grow a mullet.
  • Wood Father YouTube channel: click here
  • Thank you for contributing to the sticker cabinet!
    • Eric Penewell
    • Sterling Davis YouTube channel: click here
    • Martin Hytrek
    • Peter Brown YouTube channel: click here
    • Mike Brown
    • Andrew Latham
    • Chet Schnitzler
  • CNC has a place in woodworking
  • I’m building a single blade box joint jig. More on that in the next couple days (hopefully)
  • I would like to build the miter saw station next week. Regardless of if I record it or not. I just want it done so I can get my shop a lot more organized and hopefully a little more efficient.
  • May the force be with you young Jedi friends.



  1. I really like that porch photo! Enjoy the CNC, there definitely is no reason for people to be upset by them. I agree, if it’s not your cup of tea, that is fine. However, they are fun to work with and have challenges of their own along with precision that’s hard to match with other methods of woodworking.

  2. Need something the same thickness as your table saw blade? Why not use a cut-up chunk of an old table saw blade?

    P.S. 0 degrees F this morning in Wisconsin…….. I’d take cool rain any day over that!

  3. Enjoy your videos. You’ve probably already have tried this in locating hardwoods, but have your tried a local cabinet shop? When I had my cabinet shop(in the 80’s) I gladly supplied local woodworkers either with cut offs or would include their order with mine if they needed something special. As far as CNC’s in woodworking…my take on it is that it is just another tool to be used. Having retired from manufacturing where I was a Numerical Control Programmer, I chuckle at some peoples concept of CNC’s…They think that they work similiar to a vending machine…you select what you want, push a button and out comes a finished product. Remind the critics of using modern tools, there was a day prior to using “metal cutting tools”. Looking forward to your upcoming builds.

  4. I Think it’s funny that people are complaining about your new found joy in CNC. Complaining that it does not have a place in woodworking is pointless. Who cares! I don’t watch your videos outlet for the “woodworking” aspect. I watch it for the project aspect primarily. The woodworking tips I get out of it are a bonus for me. Thanks for all the videos Jay.

  5. I’m so jealous of your CNC machine. Think about doing a CNC video set showing many different operations that the CNC can do. Your got a good start, already. Good idea showing the Sketch-Up how to, before doing the machine work. Thanks for all your help.

  6. I liked the simple idea behind the single blade box joint jig as well and intend to make one soon. To find a guide pin the right size this can be easily made by filing (milling) the end of a larger bolt to the thickness of the saw kerf. So long as the sides are parallel it will be accurate. And if the blade is ever changed which is thicker or thinner it’s just a matter of filling another bolt to suit. Keep making your interesting video’s even with CNC content, it’s just another facet of woodworking.

  7. Hey Jay, I am new to your website and really impressed with the simplicity that you explain things. I am a retired senior citizen and just really getting started in woodworking. Just wanted to say keep up the good work and will posting pic’s of my next project soon. Thanks

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