Vlog #32: I Got A Welder

Show Notes



  1. I watched all the untensil callenge videos, I thought I was watching you on the Trevor Carters build, they say everyone has a twin.

  2. I have had a Hobart Handler 140 for several years. Now I’m not a welder by profession, however I find it a great welder for the price. Invested in an auto darkening helmet and love it. I have welded with the flux core wire and with gas. I prefer the gas because it gives a cleaner weld for me. I made a cart for mine out of an old pressure washer cart, You will enjoy your welder. Thanks for your videos I have learned a lot from you. Thanks.

  3. Jay, I have built two complete kitchens. If you have no cabinets in the room, it is easer for you, to do the upper cabinets, first. Thanks for doing the videos. I done woodworking for 38 years.(off &on) I have learn skills from yours and others woodworker’s videos, that I never got from books.
    I’m enjoying my new Grizzly Anniversary band saw. Thanks for your help
    My retirement job is repairing lamps and lighting fixtures. So if you need any help, ask.

  4. Jay, I must be blind, where’s the link for the place that sells drawer slides? I’m getting ready to build a hobby room workbench and I’m going to be needing quite a few slides. Thanks!

  5. Hey Jay, i’ve had a small 120v Lincoln welder for about 10 years now and it comes in handy when it’s needed. I’ve been thinking about combining wood furniture with metal work, but haven’t designed anything yet. Maybe its time.

  6. I always enjoy your videos and am encouraged by all the information being shared in the woodworking community. You will enjoy having the welder handy. I’ve had a 120v Lincoln for about 18 years now and it is really useful on the occasions I need it BTW I have posted on my pinterest site(https://www.pinterest.com/moto_dan/ )a couple of cabinet jobs recently completed since my official retirement in 2011, in case your interested. Thanks again for sharing your tips.

  7. Nice welder. I’m sure it will come in handy I have the Handler 187. My shop is in the finishing stages. Has been for the past 2 years. It is a combination wood/metal,car shop. It is a detached building as my wife has taken over the attached 2 car garage for her sewing room.

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