Vlog #34: Lots of Pocket Hole Conversations Lately…

Show Notes

  • Pocket holes seem to be a hot topic these days.
  • I’m pushing ahead with the drawers on the miter saw station this week. I’ll post updates on Instagram. Instagram is begining to be a lot of fun. So quick and easy.
  • The MAIN objective of the storage on my miter saw station was to utilize storage above waist level as it is easier than bending down.
  • The Crickets are coming! The Crickets are coming! And they are bringing the noise. So, I’m going to try to use my lav mic more.
  • I’ll have a RedWings sticker and a Michigan sticker for the cabinet next week :)
  • Stay productive my friends.



  1. Sort of related to your miter saw station build and pocketholes is this comment: I was about to order the Kreg Foreman machine but ran across some negative reviews. These included difficulty in setting the fence, setting drill bit stops, general disappointment in the overall quality (plastic box?), etc. Since you drilled quite a few pocket holes for your miter saw station, you should be well qualified to add your opinion. What do you think?

    • I’m not comfortable telling anyone what tools to buy. But I have had zero issues with mine. The fence is easy to set. The depth is easy to set. The drill stops are easy to set. I don’t have any complaints out of mine.

  2. I am often a little surprised at the question you and others get about why you choose to do something, like the distance behind your Miter Saw stand. You are very courteous about answering questions. I don’t think I would be as nice as you are. HA! A reporter asked Pope John Paul why he had a swimming Pool installed in the Papal Palace, his comment was, I like to Swim, next question. Thank you again for your contribution to the woodworking community.

  3. It appears some of our fellow woodworkers are taking questions on why you designed or did something a certain way as insulting or criticism May I suggest it is to gain understanding and possibly look at something they are thinking about doing from a different vantage point. That is how I learn…by asking questions.

  4. Hello from France Jay,
    I wanted to thank you for your emails and videos. really enjoyed learning from you
    I’m thinking of trying to use power tools from my wheelchair,
    Safety is the rule, maybe with a saw table at 45 degrees or vertical
    can overcome the problem of reach to push the saw toboggan, any advice?
    I understand it is my decision my risk. no problems.

    thanks again

    • I wouldn’t operate a table saw with the table in any other position other than flat. I would suggest looking into a track setup or making a homemade panel saw. That would be much safer in my opinion.

  5. Have to say your videos are fun to watch, even my 2 year old granddaughter loves watching you make projects and then yells numnum…..seeing you with a bag of chips lol

    Out of your current videos of making things…..our favorite is the shoe bin holder :)

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