Vlog #36: Spring has Sprung

Show Notes

  • My wife bought four hanging ferns and I hung them on our front porch. That’s my kinda gardening.
  • The miter saw station is complete. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it. Plans will be available within the next week hopefully.
  • A shopvac is great for smaller tools like random orbital sanders as it creates a high pressure low volume air flow that is ideal for specific, smaller areas. A dust collector is much better for larger tools like table saws and band saws as it creates a low pressure high volume air flow that is ideal for removing high amounts of dusty air.
  • Shapeoko 2 giveaway……soon.
  • Be productive friends.



  1. Great video. Can’t wait to try to get the CNC!!! I just started a small outdoor furniture company. I am looking to get one of them to do small engravings on the chairs.

  2. It’s may be spring there In Mississippi, but we got 4″ of snow this morning up here in your old stompin’ grounds. Always enjoy your weekly vlogs. Keep em coming.

  3. Hello Jay,
    Once again I have learned something AND have been entertained in the same video.
    Great Job
    How about you give that CNC away to a Patriot other than yourself .
    Somebody who embodies the spirit of the 2nd Amendment , somebody trapped in New York by Grandchildren.
    ME !!!!!

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