A Day In The Shop

This isn’t a normal Sunday project post so my apologies for that. I didn’t get much time in the shop this week due to traveling. Not enough to put together a project anyway. But I really hate missing a week of posting anything so I decided to get a few things done that I wanted to get done for a while and record it while I’m at it. Nothing major….but still productive.

First thing to do was to remove my computer cart from the shop. I just made it a few months ago but now that I have access to my wife’s old laptop that she doesn’t use anymore I can use it to run my CNC machine. The laptop takes up much less space in the shop so it stays and the cart goes. I’m not throwing the cart away though as I really like using it. Instead, I will us it in the house for my main workstation.


Next up was adding a dedicated air hose system to my shop. I don’t use my air hose often but this is something I’ve always wanted to do. I mainly use it for spraying finishes outside or airing up my tires in vehicles so I chose to mount a cheap retractable air hose reel by the door right next to my dust collector.


I also cleaned up my low height cart. I originally used it for my bandsaw and drill press but that arrangement didn’t work out and now it just collects everything. I really need to find a better use for this cart.


So that’s it. Just a slow day in the shop. Nothing like my normal Sunday content but other stuff going on really restricted my shop time this week. I’ll tell you more about what I’ve got going on in this week’s vlog video. Take care folks and have a great day.


  1. This is exactly the kind of thing I need to do. I get tired of pulling out my compressor every time I need it. These are the kind of little projects I know will make my life in the shop easier, but never seem to get around to doing!
    Thanks Jay.

  2. I just noticed your paint and stain shelf. I like the way you have your spray cans on the tilted shelf. Beats having them in a cabinet two or three deep. That’s a “why didn’t I think of that” project. It’s now on my list.

  3. Any day you’re getting something accomplished is a good day in the shop. I hate the noise the oil less compressors make, too. I’m thinking about adding on a tiny room on the outside of my garage to house the compressor and the dust collector. The hose reel would be the answer for keeping the hose accessible. Thanks.

  4. I quest this show I’m not the only one who deals with these types of problems. On were to put the horses.

  5. Like your video. Every week cant be about creating new stuff without sorting and organising what you have already. Anyways, love your vids. Keep it up.

  6. If you dont use your compressor for your nail guns do you only use the Cordless? I do like shop project videos, always learn how other woodworkers handle situations we all face.

  7. Some times you just have to stop everything and clean up or as what you done repair or upgrade the shop… I like those style of vids also…

  8. It will be interesting to see how the retractable reel holds up. The reviews on Lowe’s of this unit were pretty bad. Most said the reel was good; hose was bad and could not be replaced.

    I’d like to add a reel to my shop/garage – but probably not that one.

    Thanks for posting the video – good ideas.

  9. G’day Jay, I spent a quite week in the shop while my wife was on holidays.. cleabed it out. Sorted the wood all over the place. built a wall. Fitted some drawers in my bench. Finished my Adirondak chair and foot rest. Put the bandsaw on wheels. And now her car and my shop coexist in “wife goodbooks world” Ahh the serenity

    Cheers from Downunder


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