BBQ Tray or Cart?

Video Notes:

  • Freud dado blade is fantastic. Works much better than my last one. Thanks again Steve.
  • I might make a BBQ cart to use instead of the tray I just made. But until that happens the tray is a big help and was fun to make.
  • RGB LED lights would look great on my back porch :)
  • I shot this with a different camera than I normally use so the audio is different and the auto focus was a little off.
  • Thanks for the sticker Chris. Check out
  • Keep it real homies.



  1. How about a cart with your new tray to be removable? This way you can carry your tray to the kitchen to clean out or change supplies then carry to a table if needed.


  2. What if you took a tarp and made a curtain with a chip/dust slot in line with the blade and a bit of slack to allow for pivoting the saw and hung it (anchored top and bottom, maybe sides too) so that it draped just behind the miter saw fence? Use velcro or snaps so you can open it from time to time in case dust piles up? Might help to cut down on airborne dust a bit more and provide a bit more help for the vac?

  3. Hi Jay Liked the tray it was a good project. I think the cart with a removable tray is a good Idea also. Thanks to your wife for her service to our country and to all in our armed forces serving and retired. Ft Knox Ky is in my back yard and YES we miss the Armor School. I grew up listening to the tanks fire day and night, never bothered me knowing our troops were training to protect our homes.

  4. Yep, removable tray is the way to go, although personally I’d make the cart a “X” shaped construct that could be pulled/pushed over doorsteps etc. Then just wheel up to the table edge and serve (top of tray flush with table top).

    If this loses a chair space then it could be overcome with a corner-to-corner arrangement, then some lucky soul gets to dish out all the condiments/kitchen towel etc :)

    But then that in itself is a talking point and what BBQ-ing is all about!

    Thanks for the Vlog Jay, and the constant inspiration.


  5. Jay.. you are hilarious! Your bathroom color will definitely awaken you, if you feel the need for an unnecessary nap! Personally, I love all color and with right acoutrements that color will work out fine!

  6. Bathroom is a Steve (Mere Mortals) color!!!! But like you said ” I just don’t know”, it’s my color of choice. Good vlog though.

    • I’m not too sure if it’s Casey’s style anymore. I’ve been watching a lot of vloggers lately and several others from years ago have that exact same style. I think it’s more of the “mainstream vlogging” style as opposed to the Casey style.

  7. If your wife love the bathroom’s color, YOU love the bathroom’ s color. Don’t take a chance.

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