Vlog #37: The Good Old Woodworker Invisible Bolt In A Shop Trick

Video Notes:

  • I’ve recently switched video editing software and I’m trying to do a little more than normal with it to not only get better at it but also, hopefully, improve the final result of my videos. As it turns out, video editing with Premiere Pro CC is really fun. I also wanted to purposely show the difference in a few different audio and video setups. Video and audio were recorded on my iPhone 5 until 29 seconds in. Then the T3i with the built-in mic until the 1:38 mark. All video and narration after that was with the T3i and my iPhone as an external recorder.
  • The earth below me will never dry up. Because it never quits raining this time of the year (sad face). Which sucks because in August we will have 2″ wide cracks in the dirt from it being so dry.
  • Monday morning errands. Fun stuff.
  • My Redwings hat saved the day.
  • Are you familiar with the good old woodworker invisible bolt in a shop trick? The solution is always so simple.
  • I’m well aware of the correct pronunciation of “Marine Corps” but I ALWAYS say it wrong when in casual conversation. My apologies.




  1. Dude, hope you have a blast.
    Everyone needs a break to recharge.
    Agree about the thumbs up / down thing.
    Thumbs down could just mean “I already know this” or something similar.
    Doesn’t mean they don’t like the video or disagree.
    Up or down is not a good way to gauge opinion.
    Anyway, always love the content on here.

      • I always find things I lost when (1: I am NOT looking for them (2: I already bought at least 3 versions of the same thing I originally lost..I cannot tell you how many tape measures and speed squares I have…But hey…being forgetful Is like it being Christmas all year around..(when I find something)

  2. The bolt story is a good one.I have done similar with lots of stuff,used it and then covered it up with something.And the rain,don’t worry,at least you don’t have to shovel it.

  3. Jay. I used to be able to view your videos and now its littered with ads. I can’t view the last few. What gives.

    • The video is littered with ads? Can you explain a bit more for me? I have been running the exact same ad service on my YouTube videos since I started in 2012.

  4. Jay–Absolutely love your postings-every last one of them, they are great. A suggestion–put the red wings logo in color on the drawer pulls, I love the pulls but they are just a little plain. Take Care.
    Hugibear– AKA Mike Brown

  5. I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now and I’ve noticed 3 things of interest:
    1) your editing has been consistently improving (and it started out very good in my esitmation)
    2) your content is always useful and covers a broad range of topics (your sketchup tutorials were a huge help)
    3) I learn things just looking at your process as you do ingenious things without even realizing it (specific example is using the stand for your dial indicator as a temporary fence when crosscutting with the miter gauge).

    Just thought I’d share this as I know how much work is involved in shooting video and editing, making sketchup plans and so on. Every once in a while I make a point of thanking each of the content providers that I watch, today is your turn; so, thanks; your efforts are appreciated.

  6. Viewing on my iPhone 6 where I used to be able to view videos ( above your video notes) is not there. It’s blank white space. I see the difference between my iPad and iPhone. Seems like a problem on my end. Wondered if you knew why or if anyone else had this problem.

    • I was just notified of a problem with my mobile theme that I am trying to track down. Thank you for providing feedback. So you ARE able to see the video on the iPad? and NOT on the iPhone?

      • You are correct. iPhone is not viewable but the iPad works fine. Sorry for being unclear in my original post and thank you for providing me with my weekly video fix.

  7. Hi Jay, A fridge magnet I was given says it all “Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most !”
    Better get used to it because it seems the older you get the more goes missing and in a quicker time as well.
    Just something for you to look forward to :-) Pete

  8. Jay, I like your analogy about negative youtube comments. Maybe Congress should just start using youtube, might get something done…I’m just saying.

  9. I couldn’t watch the vlog this morning but worked fine tonight. Will have plenty of videos to watch or rewatch of yours , enjoy your time off, my vacation is june 25th thru July 5th heading to bebee Arkansas( correct spelling for the town I have know idea)

  10. I have a Ziploc bag in a tool drawer, I stick all the change I find laying in the basement workshop floor I am up to about 5.00 now . I assume its mine lol.

  11. I experienced the “rotten plywood” scenario at Lowe’. I had spent several hours cutting out drawer part and was starting to dado them and parts and pieces of wood starting flying everywhere. The small 4X6 drawer ends were de-laminating and upon inspection of several pieces, there was NO GLUE on the inner plies. Lowes replaced the junk, but I will not buy any lumber there again.

  12. At least your not so old you have to LABEL your drawers!! I couldn’t get away with that, I couldn’t remember which drawer holds what!!

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