Vlog #41: Quick Update On The Tiny House Floor

Video Notes:

  • This will be my last update on the tiny house for this visit to Michigan. If I go back before he finishes the build I’ll update at that time. Until then, subscribe to my brother Joe’s channel for future updates.
  • I don’t recommend a 12 amp circular saw for resawing 1-3/4″ thick hardwoods.
  • My brother bought an inexpensive table saw to finish ripping the flooring. It was a night and day difference in cutting the material. Should have picked it up a few days prior.
  • Didn’t get nearly as much done as I had anticipated.



  1. Watched the first tiny house vid, thought at the Uhh… time that it would take forever with the Uhh… inverted hand held Uhh… circular saw.

    Uhh… way to go was always gonna be a reasonably small investment in a cheapo table Uhh… saw. But Ryobi? That was the best economical/power etc design available? Damn …

    (Uhh.. mode *off*) Your right all the way through though, jobs like these take ten times longer than you anticipate, I just did similar today for my next door neighbour who, after having seen my workshop wants a wall of shelving the same, I ripped off Matthias’s up-high shelving brackets, and set to work, 24 brackets reqd. (48 ply sides) jigged up on the table saw, jigged up to assemble …. so why on earth did it take five goddamn hours?

    Great vid as always Jay, Thanks!

    • I understand the time issue. It’s always like that! But for someone who will very rarely use a table saw and just needs to get a few odd jobs done what’s wrong with the one he bought?

      • i have a ryobi as my main and only table saw, its cheap…kinda, and it works after some mods, and its a lot less (6-8 times) than a contractor saw, well in Denmark anyway..

  2. Dunno, Ryobi kit always disappoints personally speaking, always feels like a cheap knock-off? When I worked on sites, the Joiners/Carpenters with Ryobi gear always came over as in it for the money, does the job, it’ll do.. , rather than invest in kit that would last the long haul and be faithful, like the REAL craftsmen that cared about their work, basically.
    Just my opinion though. And speaking of which, sometimes stores own brands can be surprisingly well made, rather than an “established” name, that is actually an inferior to it’s store bought competitor.
    I kinda guessed you recommended the Ryobi, which is why I was surprised?
    Anyway as I said, Just my opinion

    • I hear ya. It’s always a value vs use thing though. I agree with you about investing in a better table saw most often but because he won’t use it much at all and the big concern is to keep spending to a minimal amount for the entire tiny house I think the lowest price table saw would do the job just fine for his needs. I didn’t recommend he purchase the Ryobi. It was just the least expensive new table saw we could find.

  3. Some years ago, I bought a really inexpensive Ryobi saw. I thought of it as disposable, just to use while installing plank flooring at my sister’s house. But over the years it has been handy for quick cuts when I didn’t want to alter the setup on my Big Girl saw. For the last year, I have been renovating a short-sale cottage we bought for our daughter (floor-to-ceiling, adding lots of built-ins for storage) there was no way to haul my table saw, so it’s the Ryobi and my miter saw doing all the work. I miss the larger surface of my table saw, but as to dependability and clean cuts, no complaint about the Ryobi.

    Really excited about following progress on brother Joe’s tiny house!

  4. Last weeks video when you were talking about what you guys were doing I thought either it’s going to look like crap or have a cool factor to it. Definitely brought the cool factor. I’ve never really gotten the tiny house thing though, I understand what they are going for and it’s a great idea, but man, couldn’t image being in that close of proximity to someone all the time.

  5. Any port in a storm or saw in a pinch if money is not a factor we all would pick top shelf point is Job is getting done ! Look really great love watching it come to gather uhh don’t change Bro love all ur work & vids

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