Vlog #42: A Snake Bit My Dog

Video Notes:

  • I’m back from my Michigan trip. It was a lot of fun and now I’ve got a lot to do around the house.
  • Thank you to all of those who sent stickers or even a note. You all rock! It’s so nice to read all of your positive messages. I very much appreciate every one of them.
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  • A snake bit my dog last Friday. I shot this video on Monday morning and you can see how bad he’s still swollen. He’ll be alright though. He’s a tough little dude.
  • Plywood rack and something with my new XCarve CNC coming soon.
  • I’ll be having a giveaway for my Shapeoko 2 CNC machine soon so be on the lookout for that. Probably on my main channel though.
  • Enjoy your week, friends!



  1. Hello Jay,
    I will send you a mongoose to take care of that snake . I can say from experience stay close to your brother I just lost mine and it really takes a chunk out of you when they are gone. Anyway you are welcome and I will send more stuff when it become available.

  2. I’m so sorry about your dog. I hope he is better really soon. Thank you so much for all you videos and the way you explain them. I am a beginner and I can understand and do most of the projects you do. I lack a lot of machines, so I can’t do a lot till I get them. Please Keep doing this for as long as you can. There is so much to give us out there. Thank you again. And I really hope Sketter gets better soon. :}

  3. Poor Skeeter. I’m glad the Vets new how to find the bites. Hoping skeeter heals quickly and thanks for mentioning my post cards. I figured they were just a couple of quick notes and you would pass over them,so thank you for remembering me.
    SIDE NOTE: I know you use french cleats a lot. Is your paint shelf on french cleats and if yes, how many did you used to hold the weight?

    • Absolutely. You’re welcome. The finishing supply rack is held in place with one french cleat and I think I have 2 or 4 screws holding the cleat to the rack.

  4. Hi Jay, Are you sure you weren’t sampling some of the brewers fine product beforehand ;-) I can be the same at times getting all “Uddled Fup” with misprononceiating & spelling (especially spelling) words. Thank goodness for spell check, which works overtime for me.
    I hope your little pup is recovering well from the snake bite. It makes me glad I live in one of the few countries in the world which doesn’t have snakes, except for the odd human one’s.

    I look forward to seeing your plywood rack project


    • Skeeter is doing great. Thanks for following up. He’s back to his normal self but still has a small amount of bruising and swelling. I’d say hes down to about 20% swelling. Barely noticeable.

  5. Skeeter is a sweetie and is/will be your very very best friend. Nice loot for a nice guy. Sure am glad your wife works in an animal hospital those place are expensive!!!

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