Vlog #45: Painted tools, a shed, and a cutting board

Video Notes:

  • Do whatever you want to do to your tools…..they are your tools.
  • I got a shed. I’ll be making some super easy garden tool storage for the inside of it. Nothing fancy. Just utilitarian stuff.
  • I started sending stickers out today. If you want one send a self addressed postage paid envelope to me. My address is all over the place.
  • Ooo look, a squirrel!! (or lizard)
  • Those of you who sent me anything previously (thank you!) will be getting a sticker or two in the mail soon. If you sent me something and don’t receive a sticker from me within a couple weeks it’s probably because I couldn’t read your address for one reason or another so send me an email if you want a sticker in return. There are a few that I have with postage markings over the address so I cant make them out.
  • Uploading whenever is more fun for me so I’m not sticking to a release schedule anymore. Vlog videos will always come after projects and Around The Web posts will stay on Saturday mornings though.
  • Have a super great, awesome, and productive rest of your week folks!



  1. I couldn’t watch the video just yet and I am sure you explain it, but why didn’t we build a shed?! That woulda been a sweet video.

  2. If a tool co. Doesn’t see the value you already bring them , that’s their loss ur very cool about it , I want 2 paint it blk ( R.S.) Wow at least let u have some giveaway tools hay whatever keep Making it real

  3. You made a very good point about the black tools, and looking forward to seeing your garden tool rack or what ever u build for them! Glad skeeder is good now pretty cool little dude!

  4. Lol that Pontiac venutra was to powerful of a car. Glad letter is doing better and looks real good to. Nice shed. :)

  5. I agree with one of the other guy’s that any company that hasn’t tried to help you, they are missing a very talented woodworker. I don’t always comment on anyones site, but you are a very skilled woodworker. Yea i’m sucking up a bit. I will send you a stamped envelope, would love to have one of your stickers. I can send you a picture of my vehicle’s i make. Hope you have a super day my friend.

  6. I know it’s too late now, but you should of made a sled for your shed. When they delivered mine (12 x 14 wood shed) they said they would drop it off the flat bed and push it into place. So I made a 4×4 PT base, with about a 15 degree cut on both ends so it would slide across the yard. Everything was bolted together so when I hooked up the chains to the base I could pull it with the quad to where ever I wanted it. It still tore up the yard but it slid like butter on hot pancakes. And it’s up off the ground, so you can say, i have a 3 1/2″ basement.

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