Vlog #46: The Sticker Cabinet Is Almost Full, Current And Future Projects

Video Notes:

  • The shed has really helped with organization in and outside the shop.
  • I’m blown away at all the stickers that have been sent. It’s crazy! Thank you!
  • In a week or two I’ll be starting in on probably a tall bookcase. I’m just not settled on a particular style as of yet.



  1. Think about a ‘sticker wall’ after the cabinet is full. It can just extend your collection. My thought for the wall is to build a folding ‘room screen/divider’ like 3 thin plywood panels in frames, primed & painted to receive the stickers. Add more panels as the sticker collection grows! … This way it can come out for a shoot and ‘go away’ for more work space (even to block bright light if that becomes an issue) … Just a thought.

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