Vlog #48: Good Casters Are Worth It

Video Notes:

  • I used PTFE spray on my caster bearings before using them. It makes a huge difference.
  • The new plywood cart is working out really well. I like that I can push it next to my truck to unload ply and also push it right next to the table saw to use the plywood.
  • 2×10 bookcases coming up. My wife will finally get her bookcases after a year of being in the house.
  • Shop tour coming up on my main channel.
  • The following image is a screenshot of me from this video pointing to a horse fly. Be random my friends.



  1. Thanks for the update Jay. I’m with you on the caster thing. I work out of a garage that quite often needs to accommodate multiple cars so EVERYTHING must be mobile and designed to be tucked up against a wall. I recently bought some 5″ HD casters from Rockler and although I think the 5″ part is overkill (6-3/16″ ttl height) I’m really loving the ease of movement they have. I just got rid of my Ridgid table saw and my new Grizzly saw doesn’t move nearly as easily as the old Ridgid. Can’t wait for the bookcase build.

    • MikeMike, I think maybe you are thinking of the juice that comes from a Beavers butt!! That or the Bean, only two things “Castor” related.

  2. looking forward to the tour. love shop projects. thank goodness too; I’ll probably be stuck on them for a while.

  3. Hi Jay,
    You mention changing up your joinery. Soon I need to make some shop drawers that are more of a tray type. Somewhat inspired by Ron Paulk’s work trailer. They won’t be carrying too much weight, mostly small hand tools. I Anyway, I was looking at making some Green and Green style pinned box joints.
    The changes I am considering from the video are:
    Cut the joints on the table saw. For speed and batching out the sides and fronts.
    Making a corner jig for quick assembly (again modified Paulk style).
    Using star drive screws and painting them some contrasting color. Not wanting to spend any time dowel pinning.
    I’m also going to extend the fingers to hide the drawer slides.

    The problem I find with casters is the height. As the load rating increases the wheel height eats into the volume of the cart. So I have been doubling up 3 1/2″ casters. My latest cart uses 4 equally spaced casters at each end. Works great.

    Thanks for the inspiring and informative videos and website.

    • Jay, if you are not using the Foreman any more, I will take the cast-off tool, I’ll even pay for the shipping!

  4. What is your “go to” caster? Size and manufacturer/source. Also what is the PTFE brand? Good video, as always.
    Looking forward to the book case build.

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