Vlog #49: Bookcases, Chest-o-Drawers, Dominos

Video Notes:

  • Next video will be a set of 2×10 bookcases made with stopped dados. Super strong and sturdy.
  • 100% positive that there might be plans available for the bookcase build. It’s super easy so they aren’t entirely necessary but they might be of use to some for the convenience aspect of it.
  • Dimensional lumber chest of drawers will be the next build.
  • 35mm is this long |____________|
  • HVLP video crashed and died. First video I’ve scrapped the footage for. (I think..)
  • Big fan of using tinted Briwax for a finish. That’s it. Just wax.
  • Made a couple trays for my miter saw station drawers.
  • Earn your tool upgrades. Much more rewarding that way.
  • YouTube friends:



  1. You should look into getting interns to help w/ the video editing or any other tedious tasks.

  2. You could always save the HVLP footage to go into a Blooper Reel of how you shoot your videos. Thank you for sharing the links! Look forward to your next video.

  3. Hey Jay, have you tried making your own Wax? I did a while ago now and it is great stuff,1/3 Bees Wax, 1/3 Mineral Turpentine, 1/3 Boiled Linseed Oil. Boil it all up stirring until Bees Wax has melted in then pour into usable containers. I used a Gum Turpentine and that added a nice aroma when using it. I also used it on my table saw top and other cast iron tops as well.

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