Vlog #50: Deadly Bookcases, Chest of Drawers, and Shop Changes…Again.

Video Notes:

  • I did not secure my bookcases to the wall….but I will. The room will be painted in a month or so and at that time I will secure the bookcases to the wall. Thank you for the million comments of concern on the subject :)
  • I moved nearly every perimeter mobile tool in the shop in the effort of decreasing the dust collection pipe/hose length. It worked and I was able to remove a 10′ section of hard pipe and about 8′ of flexible hose. This flexible hose will be used for my planer in the next build.
  • The next build is going to be this chest of drawers: t1
  • I made a couple sleds for the shop. No video on them. Made them in an effort to keep sanity between sessions of editing with the incredibly buggy Premiere Pro CC 2015. I’ve gone back to the 2014 version until they release some updates.
  • 18 new stickers on the cabinet.
  • 154 days till Star Wars 7!



  1. Duh……..I just assumed folks would realize that the cased need to be secured. Safety is as safety does……one shouldn’t not have to be told to wear safety glasses, don’t use an electric tool in the shower , yada yada yada…..let’s all use a little common sense and not be so quick to jump on the bandwagon “well he should of band wagon”. How did our fathers survive without all this safety advice……amazing when you think about it…..j

    • I’m with DANI above – we all know Jay and what he stands for in the shop regarding safety. I get a little tired of folks trying to sound smarter than the average bear. Jay – you’re the man. Thanks for all you do for all of us!

      v/r, duna sends…

    • Could be they got the school teacher gotcha syndrome. Remember the kid that always pointed out any error made with glee? Or just being helpful? Nice build by the way.

  2. Grateful for all you do Jay. Seems to me safety derived from common sense and I know you have your share.

  3. You know before OSHA the survival of the smartest and fitest was real. Since 1970 OSHA has protected those without common sense and they are allowed to breed. That is how we got where we are today. JAY, you rock. Love your site.

  4. And that’s why we love you Jay!lol,That’s why I relate to you, I change my mind 2 or 3 times before I even start a project! I Think the shop is looking good, I wish I could say the same for mine. No sheet good storage ,so what I have in there has to go into my Garage. That’s on hold though. I popped a bone in my Coax area trying to carry 3/4″ sheet of plywood.What a pain in the a–! ;>)

  5. Jay that quick look at your half dead tree, looked like a dog wood tree. If it is, they are prone to bark beetle disease, which will kill it. The beetles eat the Camden (SP?) which is the layer between the bark and actual wood of the tree. Our older,much older ones got it until all the bark fell off and I had to have them taken down.It was kinda sad since they were probably30 years old. I only got a fleeting look so I’m probably wrong. Check with a local Arborist so whatever it is doesn’t spread. Just my thoughts.

  6. Dear Jay,
    I am one of the people that receive your emails every week and I am greatly inspired by your vast knowledge and skill in wood working. I have worked as a Maths teacher for 13 years but my mind has always been in wood working. I need so much to own a wood workshop that will be producing quality stuff but I lack equipment, even second hand ones which you have abandoned I would greatly appreciate using them. I have a domestic 600 watts hand planer, 500 W Circular saw, a 120W jig saw, 140W Orbital Sander and I have seen that these do not give me precise work. Kindly, donate to me some equipment like a heavy duty table saw, Heavy duty Thicknesser, and a Spindle moulder with necessary bits. Peter

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