Vlog 53: Dimensional Lumber Projects And Some Questions Answered

Video Notes:

  • Chest of drawers was a very rewarding project.
  • Floating tenons are pretty fun.
  • I’d like to make at least two more dimensional lumber projects for that bedroom. Some type of smaller chest for boots and shoes and a simple writing desk.
  • Close to full on the sticker cabinet. If you would like a sticker of mine either send a self addressed stamped envelope to me (check contact me page for address) or send me a sticker and I’ll return one to you.
  • 124 days till Star Wars 7!!
  • This burger looks delicious:



  1. Jay I have watched your videos since you started and always look in anticipation for your next one to come out. You explain things and show in great detail so that the average man can understand. I also appreciate you staying humble/deflecting unwarrented critisim towards your newer tools. People should be happy that a fellow working American can get a little something nicer. I know that in next couple months i hope to upgrade my tools as well.Off my soapbox keep making the great videos Jay you the best on youtube

  2. I am going to try metal slides on my next project. Never used them as I have a lifetime supply of UHMW so always made mine. I really like the full extension ones.

  3. I stumbled on your site a month ago and have really enjoyed watching your videos. Keep up the good work. Ignore the critics some people have nothing to do but armchair quarterback. Just curious what do you use to edit your videos. Keep up the good work

  4. Good video once again. I am in the process of organizing my garage once again. It is a workshop, garage and kid toy and bike storage. Your miter saw station inspired me to design my own and create some great storage. Thanks for the great ideas.

  5. Jay, I really appreciate everyone of your videos, I have followed your work and growth from the apartment work shop to your current Garage Workshop. You have truly become a excellent craftsman and you obviously have a passion for the trade. I am amazed at your patience in answering the questions and some of the criticism you get. thanks again, you walk your talk..

  6. Jay, a BOOT chest!!! Ask your wife – they are called ‘foot locker’s’. Enjoy your video’s and projects.

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