Vlog #59: Router Attachments, Briwax, SketchUp Videos

Video Notes:

  • The router edge guide was a simple and rewarding jig/base. I’d like to recess the guide bolts though so they don’t scratch up whatever the base is set on top of.
  • Placing the edge guides is much easier by flipping the router upside down and using a ruler to measure away from the cutting bit and then secure the edge guides.
  • I really like Briwax as a finish. My wife likes the really beat up look for pine furniture so I’ll be experimenting with it more.
  • I’ll make a SketchUp video for the next build project.
  • Tool talk videos will be on Thursdays going forward.
  • 37 days till Star Wars VII.



  1. Dust collection next, yes ! I’ve been thinking about getting one for my shop , Trying to figure out if I really need one ! Looking forward to it !

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