Vlog #61: Workbench VS Modified Paulk Bench

Video Notes:

  • Nintendo rocks.
  • I’m not decided on a workbench design just yet. I’m leaning towards a 6′, French style, Southern Yellow Pine workbench with a leg vise and a few dog holes.
  • Paulk bench: Great for power tools and a assembly station
  • Workbehcn: Great for hand tools where the extra mass allows the force from the hand tool to be transferred into the work piece.
  • Where I moved the drill press and cyclone cart is pretty crammed and compact. That’s just a parking space. I’ll move the carts out as needed for use as I primarily always have.
  • SawStop or Domino for this week’s tool talk.
  • 23 days until Star Wars VII.



  1. If your computer is on the other side of the wall, have you thought about adding a monitor and second keyboard/mouse in the garage so you can look things up when you need to, but still have it inside? Or a small tv/Chromecast to view your computer?

  2. Really looking forward to watching your workbench build. It seems like every woodworker goes through several workbenches during their lifetime. I’m on my Third and its OK but I see a better more robust one in my future also.

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