Last Vlog Of 2015: Hey Folks, How Ya Doin?

Video Notes:

  • I’m taking a 1 or 2 week break from normal videos to have a little more family time during the year end holidays and also to work ahead on some future project plans and behind the scenes stuff.
  • Very happy with last week’s box joint jig.
  • Thanks for all of the feedback on our Q&A segment thingy.
  • Have a SAFE and fun Christmas and New Years celebration. If you drink, don’t be stupid and drive :)
  • I’ll have a couple more articles to finish out the year and maybe a video to giveaway my CNC. Other than that…Talk to ya in 2016!



  1. Happy holidays to you and yours! I’ve really enjoyed following you this year. I would like to throw a suggestion out involving your new logo and stickers to come. Put your new logo on a magnetic sheet designed to cover the open slot surrounding our table saw adjustment hand wheels to help improve dust collection. Not sure if this would be a popular item for everyone but i know I’d use it :-)

  2. Good morning. On your last interesting stuff video, I was impressed with Ed Stiles box joint jig. Got the plans and then I saw your build of John’s jig. They’re both good, but I’m going with John’s. Primarily because it has no appendages sticking out. Crank etc. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Jay, I’ll say it anyway : thanks for making the videos and all that stuff !
    and thanks for having your own personality, which is not run of the mill while not particularly excentric, just a good old decent schmoe with a talent for making stuff and sharing it online. It’s refreshing and somehow faith-inducing / inspiring.
    I hope you have more in store for 2016 cause I’ll be watching !
    Keep on trucking, chief !

  4. Jay and Jamie, here is to hoping that you have a great holiday, and a Merry Christmas. It is good to take time away from the projects to keep the woman happy. Just don’t get too well rested and forget about us :)

  5. Merry Christmas Jay and Jamid and respective fzmilies. While you will be missedfor the next couple weeks,I gotta say that you deserve this break. Have fun and enjoy the holidays.

  6. Thanks for all the videos! Looking forward to a very productive 2015 for you and me! Hope you have a great end of the year. Keep those SketchUp videos coming!

  7. Giving away your CNC? ME ME ME ME! Oh the things I could do.


    Merry Christmas to you and your family. I appreciate that they are willing to share you with us and all of your talents, ideas and time. Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year.

    See you in 2016!


  8. Looking forward to your January show,s
    Do you ever do request, I want to build a unit that is going to require a sliding dovetail. Like the ones that were used to make bottom drawer slides.
    Only it is going to need to be built out of 2×8 wood. Also will require it to be at least half the depth of the 2by.
    I am figuring if would need to be done with a table saw.
    Also it will need to be 6ft long.
    hope you understood all that .
    ps in joy your around the world stuff

  9. Jay,

    Thank you for all your videos and detailed plans that you offer. It has been a pleasure watching all your videos and learning along the way. I hope you and your wife have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

    My highlight for the year was getting to meet all you guys at WIA here in Kansas City. Everyone of you all took time to visit with everyone and that says a lot about the You Tube woodworkers.

    Can’t wait to see what the next year brings from you.

  10. Hey Jay I watch your videos every week and I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from you I’m wondering if you are planing on making a video for the Allen wrench Holder on your French cleat wall

  11. Hey Jay, I’ve got a tiny suggestion/request. I mainly use the iPad Youtube app to consume your wonderful videos. I think it’s a pretty crummy app and one of the recent changes they made is only using the logos for the subscription tab. Right now you’re using the same new logo for both your channels so my suggestion was modifying it slightly (maybe the color) ala John Heisz to distinguish between the two. Again, really not a big deal…. just a thought! Thanks for all the great work!

  12. Happy New Year and let the year be a rewarding 2016 for you. 2015 has been a good year with your awesome videos and can’t wait to see what 2016 bears! Keep up the good work!

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