Vlog #68: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Video Notes:



  1. Morning Jay, it is great fun watching you and Nick together. Even more fun watching you ramble on at 1:30AM – while I am eating breakfast @ 6:30AM in CA. I like your workbench, not sure I could use 3 vices (??) well maybe 2. Just wondering why you didn’t cover the top with hardboard to protect it? You can replace that when needed, just something my father-in-law has told me to do. He’s 96 so he has seen a few work benches:)

  2. You need to send Nick home IMMEDIATELY! It’s not safe to have the both of you in the same location! During a nuclear crisis, do they keep the president and vice president together? No – they keep them separate for a reason. Do you realize what could happen to the online woodworking community if a catastrophe took place? Get him out of there now! :-)

  3. I’m new to your sites (Jay & Nick), but love them. I’m also fascinated with the way you can video your self narrating and watching yourself work. Is this what you call cloning?

  4. Don’t take this as critism but just something to keep in mind. It would be better for the viewer (listener) (maybe just me) if you referred to your guest by name, not “him” or “he”. Like, “Nick’s channel”‘ not “his channel”.

  5. Had a great time watching the collaboration between you two, Nick and Jay. You look tired! :-) Can wait to see the vids that come from this. Thanks for letting us into your shop!!

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