Vlog #75: Dining Table Update…& stuff

Video Notes:

  • I unexpectedly took a couple days off last week. Which means I’m behind this week. Which is actually a short week to begin with.
  • I believe I’ll get a riser block for my bandsaw in the next couple months.
  • The dining table won’t be a mission style as I originally intended. Just a nice, basic 4 leg table instead.
  • It’s a short week this week because I’m headed to Atlanta this Thursday. Lots of stuff to do before then.
  • Have a great week!


  1. SO EXCITED about “Hotlanna!” I’ve been watching The Video Woodworkers for a few years now and collecting clamps! Huge fan of all of ya’ll!

  2. I’m currently working on a kitchen table myself. My wife did did not want simple looking legs so I turned all four doing free turning. I’m very pleased how consistent they turned out. I turned out of glued together 2 x 4’s. Some chip out areas to repair next. You can see what I’m talking about on my blog.

  3. I purchased the riser block for my grizzle bandsaw and have good results with the company and the quality of the unit. I am currently using it to crosscut saw 12 inch and smaller firs that blew down in last winter storms using the rounds for outdoor walk ways. Hope your experience with your riser is as good.

  4. Jay, it’s against the guy codebook to use the word Elegant while wearing an earring ;^)

    Great VLOG!

  5. If I knew earlier you needed a laptop to take with you, I could have sent you one of my Toshiba Satellite’s I have kicking around in my shop. I bought it for my CNC, but since the CNC is down, it just sits idle. Have fun in Atlanta. Sure wish I could join you, but too many vacations and not enough shop time already this year :)

  6. Those long rails for that table sure are “elegant”. Nothing more “elegant” than hickory with lots of character in the wood grain and nothing more than a clear finish on it. Have hickory cabinets in our kitchen and hickory hardwood flooring in the front entry and dining room. Hope to carry it on into the living room at some future date. Enjoy the Atlanta show!!!

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