Intro to Spraying Finishes With a HVLP Spray Gun

This past week I’ve had a good friend of mine Matt Lane from Lane Bros Woodshop joining me in the shop and one thing we knew we wanted to cover was spraying finishes with an inexpensive HVLP gravity fed spray gun. Spraying a finish on a woodworking project is easier than you might think. There’s just a few simple things to know that will help you get started. Watch the video above for a brief introduction on equipment, gun setup, and technique. If you’re interested in more information check out Matt’s article on the topic by clicking here. Also, if you want to see more videos from Matt be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking here.


  1. Well nice video, but you needed to explain about the most important thing when spraying. And that is thinning the product so that it will flow out correctly.
    So can you put together some thing on that

    • This is addressed in the video and the paragraph above. Just click on the link above, to Matt’s page for this level of detail.

  2. Nice video on Spraying a finish for the novice.
    I have been spraying vehicles for 30 years .ASE Certified Refinisher and taught Collision Repair for 25 years.

    I agree with Jeff—thinning the material is cridical to maintain the proper viscosity of the fluid to have the proper flow.

    I must say that refinishing is a REFINED MOTOR SKILL and is not as easy as you make it sound.

    Did like the video and it was great information for the DIY person.
    Love your videos—Keep up the good work.

  3. I loved this video and I am planning to start spraying my work soon. I’m just wondering about those airless sprayers and how they compare to the others? Nice going Jay. God Bless my friend.

  4. Hey guys:
    I was actually planning to get an electric sprayer…… you feel the HVLP sprayer is a better way to go?

  5. I use an HVLP setup and like it very much. No need for the large compressor and less overspray, I think.
    Mine is an Earlex. Fuji also makes a good one.

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