Jack Plane Giveaway – April 2016

People have always been so generous and encouraging for what I am doing with this business so I want to keep the “paying it forward” snowball going by giving away a tool I’ve recently enjoyed using. I’m giving away a #62 low angle jack plane with an extra blade. The great thing about a low angle jack plane is that it’s a bevel up plane so you can change out blades that have different grind angles and have the plane perform differently in different situations. This giveaway is not sponsored by any companies, just me. Read the following terms and conditions before entering.

Terms and conditions:

  • The giveaway includes a WoodRiver #62 low angle jack plane & and extra 40 degree bevel blade.
  • The randomly selected winner will be determined by the Rafflecopter giveaway and not by me personally so please don’t ask for me to pick you :)
  • The giveaway ends at the time shown on the giveaway entry widget (end of April, 2016).
  • The winner will be announced immediately on this giveaway page so check back for the winner. 
  • The giveaway is open to everyone, not just USA. 
  • None of your information gathered will be shared or sold. I hate spam just as much as you do.
  • I reserve the right to disqualify any entries that I deem suspicious of non genuine entries. Only 4 entries per person. Please help me keep this as fair as possible.
  • By entering the giveaway you agree to these terms and conditions.

UPDATE 5/1/2016: Congrats to Ed Doolan as you are the randomly selected winner. Thank you to all of those who participated and I hope to do another giveaway soon.

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  1. Looking at getting more hand tools. Lots of people say to get a jack plane for your first plane. Why the low angle vs a standard version? Keep up the great content.

  2. Thanks for your consideration. I’m new to woodworking. Appreciate all the help I could get as I’m low on the funds end of things. So I hope I could win such a fine hand tool.

  3. I’m a beginner, literally a beginner at wood working. Trying to expand my creativity from just photography to another art form. Haven’t built anything yet (well I’m working on a crude tool box from some reclaimed ply wood). I have to say though my knowledge has increased tremendously thanks to you Jay and couple other guys on YouTube. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for the generosity you show to all of us who watch.

  4. Thanks Jay for the giveaway but many more thanks for your great blogs and interesting links. You have the happy combination of being an excellent communicator and woodworker.

    Very good that you have opened your giveaway offering beyond the shores of the US. Very rare.

  5. Thank you Jay for all you do. You have helped me so much with my entry into the wonderful world of woodworking. Your explanations during your builds have allowed me to progress along providing me with many hours of satisfaction and understanding of how things work. Best of luck always.

  6. Thanks Jay.
    I have been ‘Paying it Forward” for years now , and it has come back to me in many ways .
    Remember 3 people help 3 people each who each help 3 people.
    3×3=9 x 3=27x 3=81 and so on.

  7. Thanks for doing this!!! Really loved the content you have been putting out. Keep up the great work.

  8. Jay, new to your site and I have to tell you that I am enjoying both your videos and the social media side of this. All new to me but very interesting. A friend’s six-week old daughter died last week and they asked me to make her casket to help them save some on the funeral costs. A jack plane like this would have been extremely helpful.

  9. Won’t be entering because I have this plane coming in the mail as we speak. Really glade to here that you like it so much that you’re keeping yours and buying a lucky viewer a brand new one. Keep up the great work! Love where your channels been and where it’s going.

  10. Always look forward to your videos and the interesting videos round-up. Thanks for the give away!

  11. I’d really love to own a plane like this. I’m just beginning to get into hand tools and this would be a great addition. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Great Giveaway Jay. I really appreciate and respect people like yourself and Nick who Pay it Forward when life has been good to them! Keep the Great Videos coming!

  13. Merci pour ce que tu fais, thanks you fore, you are a amazing wodworker,
    Greatings from Paris , France

  14. Jay, thanks for including your Canadian fans in your giveaway. Just getting back into woodworking after twenty years. Feels good too use my hands and build again. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Great information Jay. Always enjoy your articles. Taking a break during a finishing project allows me to post and read.

    Will post a pic of the finished product or send it to you when I’m done if that’s ok?

    Hope you enjoyed Atlanta.

  16. Great giveaway Jay. I’m just getting into woodworking, though I’ve been exposed most of my life, as my dad has always had a love of it.

    I don’t have any planes yet, and would love to get my hands on this one, so, I guess, good luck to me!

    Cheers from Canada!

  17. Awesome give away and it so happens I have been leaning towards hand work lately and a little less dependable on motorized tools. I always integrated the two, but cutting a dove tail alone with no guides or templates to help is very relaxing. I use a lot of pine scrapes to practice on before ruining a piece of Walnut or Purple Heart. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win Jay. It would make a nice addition to my wood planes and one I don’t have. Have a great week!!!

  18. What a really nice giveaway, Jay. Your site is the best. Yes you guessed it…..I could really use it.

  19. I might consider entering, except for two reasons I don’t. 1. With the 55,767,971 viewers Jay has, I would not stand a chance.
    2. I really don’t need one, the planes I have totally serve my needs and I don’t do the fine building that Jay or others do. I only do outside items, like patio, garden, pet cages, etc.
    I still think Jay in a great person and wish him all the luck.

  20. Love the pay it forward concept,it’s always nice to give back, and even more important to never forget where you came from.

  21. Great give away. Send me your shipping address so I can send you some t track I found cheap 2-4′ sticks for 1/4 20 bolts

  22. You are a truly inspirational gentleman Jay. I’ve been watching you weekly for almost two years and regret not posting any comments before thanking you for your ideas and consistency. I have been duplicating some of your projects over the last year or so and unfortunately had a terrible accident in Feburary with my table saw. A $200 Craigslist purchase that got me started. Expecting my wife to shut down my hobby after the accident I was very surprised when she insisted on a SawStop purchase. Now as I am still recovering from the injury in which I lost the tip of my ring finger and badly damaged two others I am focusing more on developing my skills with hand tools. Thank you for paying it forward. I intend to continue to follow your example and do the same. Respectfully Submitted, Chris West. A loyal fan!

  23. This giveaway is just another reason why I’m such a huge fan of yours. Your work, ideas, and presentation of them are A1, top notch and this “paying it forward” just shows your great support to your fans and the woodworking community~!
    It was a great experience for my son & I to be able to meet & talk with you at the Atlanta show on Saturday.
    Andrew & Andrew II :-)

  24. Great Giveaway Jay. Looks like from all the pictures on social media that Atlanta was a blast. Was not able to swing Atlanta, but met you in KC last year. Keep up the Great work.

  25. Jay,
    Is there a place on your website I could go to upload photos of work that I did using your plan’s for your views

  26. Nice giveaway idea Jay…I’m excited to see if I’m the lucky winner. ;)
    Looking forward to your post-Atlanta video to see a little about all that was going on there. Thanks for everything.

  27. Thanks for remembering your neighbours to the North, the winner should also agree to pay it forward with their own tool giveaway. New or Used, Tools or Materials, Local or large scale.

  28. Jay, Sorry I missed you guys in Atlanta. Highland Woodworking is close to me and it is truly my candy store.

  29. I’ve been watching all your videos for a couple years now, I remember fondly that ‘crazy’ guy making vids and doing great work in what looked like his apartment’s kitchen. Glad I wasn’t your neighbor! the acoustics left me feeling sorry for your ears. Anyway just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you do, keep up the excellent content. Blessed be. ?

  30. Jay, my deepest condolences for your families recent loss. Thank you for your love of our craft and art and sharing with us.

    He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his mind is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his mind and his heart is an artist. Attributed to: St. Francis

  31. Hi, Jay! Thanks for this opportunity – see if this plane makes it up to my little shop in Ontario, Canada. :-)

    At least I think I’m entered… I forget when I did it, but when I try to enter just now, it says I have 4 entries, beside my name…

    Thanks for all your efforts in providing useful content. I enjoy your You Tube videos.

  32. thank you your videos are great, and your saving your viewers money that can be used in other areas, i just put togeather the saw horses from your video and i love them i`ll be making some more later for sure, i have a 8 year old and a 2 year old and anyway i can save some money i will

  33. Hi Jay,

    Found out about you on YouTube about 2 months ago after watching your work bench build. You’ve been a big inspiration to me and I’m now just getting into wood working. Just got myself a garage and am starting to build out of it. Hopefully attempt your work bench build next month. I definitely have a ways to go with stock piling new tools (hint hint), but just got to say thanks and keep the videos rollin!

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