Vlog #76: Lane Bros Colab

Video Notes:

  • The Woodworking Shows in Atlanta, GA was awesome. Awesome is an overused word but the trip was definitely awesome.
  • Check out Matt’s YouTube channel and Instagram page.
  • Matt’s been professionally spraying auto paint for 10 years so we plan on making a video on spraying finishes on woodworking projects.
  • No tool talk this week.
  • My dining table is complete. Check out my instagram page for pictures. The video will be published either this weekend or next. We might publish a colab video this week.
  • Keep it real, friends.


  1. Hi I was wondering if you guys could comment on two subjects when finising. 1.) setting up a spray area in the winter is difficult. I live in a northern climate and out doors is prohibited 7-9 months of the year.. Ideas for a basement spray area??
    2.) disposal of finish products. Where and how do professionals dispose of their waste product… Tv show always say follow your local laws and regulations. But how do you find out what they are and how to go about it… This may be too “legal” type info to give out. But what do the pros do about this stuff??

    • Hey Ralph, spray setup indoors is sort of tough. You need to obviously be able to vent the fumes outside, but don’t wanna pull all your heat out. I would suggest getting yourself some sort of fanew to exhaust the fumes and over spray out, but try and spray your stuff in smaller sections and let the heat catch back up between coats.

      As far as disposal goes, we use a company called safety kleen to dispose of all our waste paints and thinners! There may be a chemical collections facility nearby that you can take the stuff to for disposal.

      Hope this helps, Matt Lane

    • Ralph, I live in Minnesota and have the same issue you do. I simply don’t spray any finishes or paint in the winter time. Instead, I brush finish and paint. This cuts down on fumes indoors, which cuts down on the heat I have to let out with proper ventilation. It can be more tedious than spraying, but it works for me in the winter.

      • To avoid the issue, I only spray water based low VOC paints & polyurethane in a very home-made spray booth in my basement; have had good luck with Target Coatings products (water based primers & lacquers). Thoughts?

  2. I have used a regular cleaner type spray bottle to apply finishes before. I had pretty good results, just gotta be careful to avoid the chunks! lol

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