Vlog #86: Project Talk & Headed North

Video Notes:

  • Last week I installed a riser block on my bandsaw. It was a much anticipated upgrade and an extremely easy one to knock out.
  • I’m traveling this week so another short, single into left field video. No home run.
  • I’m a little frustrated with the lack of substance in my videos lately. I have a real itch to make a large project again. Getting closer to a hardwood, stand up computer desk build soon.
  • Not mentioned in the video but I’m behind on responding to emails again. It’s gotten to be a pretty time consuming task (not complaining, just stating) and I’ve put a lot of thought into hiring help to respond to them because most of them are generic questions that don’t require my specific input. However, I’m struggling with the idea of this business not being 100% me so……
  • Have a great day folks.


  1. Jay,
    I agree your videos have been smaller, but still great quality and very informative. Don’t beat yourself up. You and Nick are the only ones I still watch every video that comes out.

    • Yeah same here. Seems like the others have forgotten about thier channels since they’re sponsored.

      • I agree, not every video needs to be a complete start to finish project to be beneficial. Stick with the format and diversity of information.

  2. I’m glad your wife persuaded you to pass on the more modern computer desk design. Looking forward to seeing the bookmatched wood. Always a pleasing look. Videos are great, even the short ones.

  3. I also agree with the guys your videos are phenomenal compared to others. You keep the good work coming. Can’t wait for your next build!

  4. Your concern about your business being 100% you is shared by many. For most businesses, the key to success is “helping more people”. If you invest an hour responding to email, you have helped (at best) ten people. If you invest the same hour planning / filming / producing a video, you have helped tens of thousands.

  5. Hi Jay, have you ever heard of “Aldi wood chisels”? if you have can you tell me where I can get a set. Thanks for all your tips, you are the best.

    Tom D.

    • Stechbeitelsatz, 4-teilig Aldi Süd, 29.09.2011

      The Chisels are no more on Sale, and total Crap, by the way.


  6. Jay, I second Bill Barstows comment. You are one of few content creators that I dedicate time to watching every video. This weekly regimen of content creation will have a natural ebb and flow based on so many factors but I appreciate your efforts. I’d frankly love to see a stand up desk build as I too struggle with posture. My growing family is about to consume the loft where my current desk is. Keep at it man, and safe travels!

  7. Jay, Your videos are far and above the others!! Your editing skills are great and I love the fact you put in labels on items in the background and also show yourself doing the work while your narrating the project. I also like that you don’t cover your audio with music! Can’t stand that. April and you are the only channels I keep up with on a daily/weekly basis. I also appreciate the sketch up tutorials.
    Thanks for the time you put into it.

  8. I agree with everyone else Jay, stick to what you do best, try to change it, just because…. and things will go downhill. As for the emails, I can imagine you are kept busy with them, why not make an announcement that you are only able to reply to a percentage, due to time restrictions, that all emails will be read, but not necessarily answered, I am sure your Followers would understand! I don’t know what most of the emails contain, but I can imagine that it is not something you could outsource and give the correct reply.

  9. 100% You. You could hire some one to screen and prioritize your email. Then for generic questions you could prepare generic answers in advance and your assistant could “answer” the generic questions with you prepared answers. That would be 99% you.

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