Vlog #89: Shop Changes?

Video Notes:

  • Last week’s video was building a leg vise. This week’s video will be (if I get it edited before my trip) the installation of that vise.
  • The collaboration trip in Wisconsin has concluded. I’m back at the home base but an upcoming mission will have me in transit once more this week. I’ve got a couple more trips planned this year and then I’ll be staying home for a WHILE.
  • I’m thinking about moving some stuff around in the shop. I’ve realized I have too many clutter catcher areas and two items taking up too much space: the plywood cart and my modified paulk table. I want some space back.
  • The videos from the Wisconsin trip will be released over the couple months.
  • Take care folks!



  1. Morning Jay-

    Have you thought of suspending your video camera from an articulating arm or perhaps setting up a rail and trolley system? What are you regular videographers posted on this quite a while ago maybe you saw it. Unfortunately I can’t remember who it was one of the mainstream woodworker guys.

    Currently planning a 20 wide by 24 foot long by 10 foot high ceiling detached garage to use as my wood shop. (being kicked out of the house attached garage by the wife) Any suggestions? I read somewhere that air-conditioning your shop might be problematic as to the condensate here in the south when the garage door is opened. (Charlotte, NC area). I was planning on 3 foot wide service door as the general egress and only using the garage door to load lumber and remove projects. Have you notice his problem?

    Keep up the great work Jay with the videos and projects I look forward to each and every one. I understand your recent comment on traveling too much as I did it for 30 years in sales. It does get old very, very fast.

  2. Jay,

    Do not give away your modified Paulk Workbench. Pull it apart and finish the Paulk Bench Build. I have a small two car garage shop as well (but I have a pole in the middle of the garage. I keep the Paulk Workbench standing on end in the corner or in my shed. On nice days I set it up in my drive way as an assembly table / Work bench. You are 80% done, just need the portable legs. The above comment also stole my thunder with adding camera brackets around the shop.

    Bales has a nice video

    You could also just have bracket that attach to a french cleat and hang the camera around the shop.

  3. Jay, I actually moved my bandsaw, drill press, and jointer closer to the door and I already regret it. Here’s why:

    1. I have to have the door open to feed my jointer. This sucks most days.
    2. I’m constantly moving my bandsaw when unloading materials in to the shop. You know how short I am- I’m constantly hitting myself on the corners of the bandsaw because it’s not in a stationary place.
    3. The biggest problem: moisture. If it’s raining or has rained, the door drips as it comes up, and it wreaks havoc on my cast iron tops. Obviously people with swing doors wouldn’t have this issue, but you may have the same problem with your overhead door.

    My thoughts, for what it’s worth.

  4. Hey Jay!
    This is just a thought. Would it be possible to do like an inexpensive security camera system that ties into your primary camera. It’s just a thought I’m not a camera wiz or video guy for that matter.

  5. Hi Jay

    Also consider expandable or combined function tables and the like. The Paulk table in particular ought to be re-designable as an expandable unit, with rigid connections when you need them; just consider different torsion box and leg configurations to allow expansion to a much larger unit when needed.

    I say this because I used to run a 2′ x 6′ bench… and as soon as I started working regularly with 4 x 8 sheets, I expanded it to 2×8 because it made it that much easier to handle full sheets, and it still could use more space as splitting a 4×8 lengthwise on a skinny bench is either awkward, slow or both awkward and slow.

  6. Hey Jay ,
    I guess your not coming to New York Maker Faire on Oct 1 & 2 . Also I used your name in my first and second videos on my new YouTube channel “Protect Your DIGITS Creations” , I was Gregg The voice of reason and still have that name along with the new one . Don’t trust of those voices in your head they are out to get you. I like the leg vise a lot and may try to build one .
    Stay well and as always Protect Your DIGITS

  7. Jay, how about a nice medium duty drop leaf assembly table!?? Then you would have the option of having a lot of ‘open space’ in the shop??

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