Q&A With My Wife

I’m currently in Michigan for my sister’s wedding and I thought it would be fun to shoot a Q&A video with my wife. I asked for questions on Instagram and Facebook a couple days prior to shooting this.


  1. Really cute…love the Q&A. I this it also introduce the “other” side (human element) of you and this is my first introduction to Jamie. She’s a keeper as are you, Jay! I watch a lot of utube but you’re the only one I get notifications when your weekly post is up. Keep on chipping!

  2. You both would be welcome in Australia – don’t worry – hard to find snakes, spiders, sharks, stingers and crocodiles. Drop bears are a bit of a worry but they are friendly once on the ground.

    Montana’s great too. In fact the whole Pacific-Northwest is great driving country.

  3. Just watched your Q&A with your wife. Loved it. Maybe you can talk your buddies, April and Nick, into doing something similar.

  4. Enjoyed your video of you end your wife. I live in South Mississippi and know full well what you mean about the humidity. It sucks and I am a life long Mississippi resident. The older I get, the tougher it is. You may have mentioned this or not, but is your wife from Mississippi? Thanks for sharing this part of your life together.

  5. My wife and I met in Myspace too , she also is my biggest fan and very supportive in my hobby as I’m her biggest fan and supportive if her hobby , are yard and house are full of plants , I drive truck 6 days a week mostly between Oregon and northern California she’s a caregiver, thanks for all the great videos

  6. Always interesting to see the human side of people. My wife even remarked it was worth the time to watch the video. One of the necessities of a happy marriage, each person being content with their role.

  7. great stuff…love your vids Jay. If you are looking for a really good climate and location – lots of great hardwood – have a look at north eastern New South Wales Australia – Murwillumbah, but the if I could I would love to check Oregon

  8. Love this.

    Jamie, sounds like you are doing the most important role for Jay’s business and doing it well.

    Michigan and Mississippi connections for me too. I live in West Michigan and have had relatives in the Biloxi and Jackson areas for years.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Very nice. Thank you for your Service, Jamie!! Retired Army SFC here (Aviation Maintenance). You two seem to have a comfortable and balanced video presence. Not easy to attain, based on many years as a tech instructor both in the military and in my second career of corrections. Jay, I am a great fan of you, and of the trio of Jay/April/Nick on the podcast.

  10. I really liked your question and answer video. You both seem down to earth, real people you know, not phony. I enjoyed your honesty and interaction with each other. What a delight.
    Jamie, Thanks for you service it is one of the most honorable professions.

  11. Hi Jay, just watched your Q&A with your wife. Loved it.
    If you ever plan a trip outside US don’t forget Europe (Italy en France worth the flight!!)
    en you two will be welkom.
    Best wishes to your sister

  12. This is a great video. It is nice to see Jamie again. AFSC = MOS so you answered that question well. I was AD Air Force (Retired) and one of my sisters was Army (Combat medic) and then came over to the AF as well (ANG in AR). Thank you for your Service! We enjoy watching Jay work and my son thinks it is cool when you are in the scene twice. Keep it up as long as you can!
    Best wishes to you all :)

  13. Jamie, thank you so much for your service. I’m an old Vietnam Navy vet that worked the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. As far as Montana goes, build a summer home there. I spent 2 years there and yes the winters are brutal.

    Ya’ll make a cute couple.

  14. Jay, here is a suggestion. Build a shop beside or behind the garage. Have a doorway between the shop and the garage. Use the garage as a mud room, to clean yourself. It solves two problems. Cars can park in the garage and less dust in the house.

    Second suggestion: I saw you smile in this video. You don’t smile enough, in your other videos.
    Have a good Day.

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