The Woodworking Podcast #20: Table Saw Scratches and POSSIBLE June Event

April Wilkerson, Nick Ferry, and myself have a weekly woodworking podcast. Conveniently titled The Woodworking Podcast. Here’s the latest episode. If you would like to download the episode just click here. For all of the show notes visit


  1. I enjoy the show. In one of the episodes there was commentary around tricks of the trade, making boxes well, keeping things true and square. I struggle with this for some reason and is always a battle for me.

    I am new to the hobby and enjoy it. I have done some looking for this on youtube and can’t seem to find a good video of it. I would love to find some tips on making things true and square. More along the lines of it is out of square, tips and tricks on how do you fix it? When in the middle of a glue up, how do you fix it and keep it fixed lets say? When you do a face frame for the box you built and somehow that gets janked up, what are tips on fixing that, etc?

    Thanks again for the show and maybe one of these days I will make it to wia to shake hands.

  2. Welcome back April you were missed. The june event sounds great. Please get the date and location out well in advance so us working slaves can schedule the time off to attend.

  3. I am having a problem navigating these blogs. Can’t you just do it the way you were. Where I click on a video and watch it.

  4. One thing I’ve discovered is that everybody likes putting everything on top of my table saw, and every other flat surface. Did you know that you can visit a local auto parts store like Advanced Auto, Kellogg’s, etc. and ask them if they have any old counter mats they are willing to get rid of. I keep about 12 of these all over my shop, to protect all kinds of surfaces.

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