1. I use to get notifications via email, open them up, and watch. Now it is requesting
    I download some new audio app etc and I still could get in . TO complicated for this old fart. Maybe see you on YOUTUBE.

  2. Great Podcast this week.! I’m in my 50’s and wished they had taught us the metric system back in the 60-70’s. It would make life now easier with my wood working hobby. I don’t know when, but they at one point thought of the US converting to metric and then changed their minds. If they had we would have been up with the rest of the world. Does anyone remember when they thought of converting us to metric? Just curious……

  3. Another great show guys. I tend to use the metric system for laying out some of my joinery because it’s a little easier to breakdown or divide when you have that weird measurement. I really like the teflon tape trick that was sent in thanks.

  4. An FYI for April, 75 mils is not metric, it means 0.075″ or 75 “thou(sandths)” of an inch and “tenths” are fractions of a thousandth, just more confusing things about the English system of units. Microns are however metric and are a millionth of a meter. And for Nick, every decimal place in the metric system has a prefix specifier but typically people use the ones that are multiples of three.


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