Vlog #97: The Big 3 0

Video Notes

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  • Lathe cart:
    • You never nick your hand on those upturned chisels when grabbing one?
      Come on jay you need to turn your own drawer pulls man
    • U also might want to add some weight to the cart for turning out of balance logs
    • General wisdom is that a light lathe should be bolted to something heavy. The additional mass cuts down on vibration which causes chatter. Rather curious that you have not needed to bolt yours down.
  • Jay, could you do a review on your grinder with the CBN-wheels and the Wolverine-ish (?) set-up in a tool-talk , or as a separate video??
  • A number 7 jointer plane is nice :)


  1. Jay this is off the subject but I am trying to find a good set of high Speed metal drill bits., and also brad point wood bits.
    Do you have any recommendations.
    Like your videos

    We all love the old tools. I’m in the throws of restoring an old Jack Plane that I found at a boot fair.

  3. 30?!? T-H-I-R-T-Y???!!!?! I have a FOOT that’s 30! Nevertheless, Happy Birthday, pal. You’re doing a great job!

  4. Happy birthday Jay. I am 62 and it feels like i was 30 just last week. Enjoy life, love your family, and dont sweat the small stuff.

  5. Happy Birthday Jay from an old man (65). I enjoy your video’s and projects. Enjoy life and keep up your awesome work!

  6. Happy Birthday you old fart! ha ha I’m 66.
    I take back what I said about abrasives near the lathe I don’t think
    I’ve seen those grinding wheels before.

  7. 30 What a GREAT birthday. I remember it like yesterday (now 71 in Nov).

    30 is just the beginning of your life because you now know most of the things you thought you knew in your 20’s !!!!

    Remember enjoy your days. Live the following four words:

    Persevere, Love, Laugh and Rejoice

  8. Happy belated birthday Jay, I whish you many more vlogs, woodworking stories and tips.
    Pieter from South Africa

  9. Hi Jay –
    Really enjoy your website. I’m new to woodworking and just beginning to set up my shop. Do you have past videos for the novice woodworker?
    If so what do you recommend?
    Keep up the great work.

    Mike Scott
    Minocqua WI

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